Best Wifi Analyzer Software for Monitoring your Wireless Network & Traffic

best wifi analyzer for wireless network monitoring

Marc Wilson

The BYOD (Bring your on Device) era is in full Swing, and what better way to know where your Bandwidth is being allocated and used than to Monitor your WIFI Networks and Analyze Traffic as well.

The last thing you want going on in your networks is a rogue user who is downloading illegal content or using your WiFi hotspot as a leech for other illegal file transfers or torrents.

Some of the main tasks of Analyzing your WiFi Networks are as follows:

  • Find and Diagnose Under-performing Wireless access points
  • Analyze Bandwidth usage Per User or IP Address by AP
  • Ability to Visualize and Diagram Wireless Networks Quickly and Efficiently
  • Build Heat Maps to Visualize Dead Zones and Spots within your Building
  • Poll Access Points for Connected Clients/Users and Display IP Addresses Used
  • Inventory IP Address of WiFi Users along with Bandwidth and Signal Strength
  • Inventory AP's, Channels and Signal Strength to ensure maximum performance
  • Monitor Up-time/Down-time of APs and Thin clients.
  • Find Last Access Times of WiFi Users per Access Point
  • Monitor Bandwidth and Loads on the Access Points
  • Alerts, Monitors and Reporting Features

The criteria above is not 100% thorough but more of a Baseline of what we're looking for in Wifi Monitoring and Analyzing Software. With that said, many of the programs listed below will have all of the features and many more.

Here's the Best Wifi Network Analyzers & Monitoring Software of 2021:

Below is a list of the best tools we've discovered for wireless analysis and enterprise monitoring – some are FREE and others are paid tools. Nonetheless, we recommend downloading them and giving them a try in your networks to see if they meet your qualifications.

1. SolarWinds NPM Wifi Analyzer

SolarWinds has probably one of the most Robust and impressive wireless tools on the Market as of 2017 – Due to their long history of provide network monitoring tools and software for network connections, delving into the Wifi realm wasn't very difficult.

Some main features of SolarWinds NPM for Wifi are as follows:

  • Automatically Scan & Discover Wifi Access Points for Easy setup
  • Automatically Build a Visual Heat Map of Access Points along with corresponding Signal Strengths
  • Manage Thin or Autonomous AP Clients easily within the Dashboard
  • Inventory all Users and their Corresponding IP Addresses within the Dashboard
  • Inventory Mac Address, Device Name, IP Address, Signal Strength, Exact Time User Connected to AP, Data Transfer Rate, Bytes Received/Transmitted.
  • Find Rouge Wifi Users/Clients/Phones/Devices Quickly within Dashboard
  • Monitor Bandwidth Usage by User/Device/Phone/Ipad or whatever device is connected by Ip Address, Name, etc.

Here are a Few screenshot from the Software that will give you a better understanding of its Usage and Abilities:

Wifi HeatMaps
Automatic Wifi network Discovery and Scanning
Wireless Client and Access Point Inventory
List all Access Points

More Info:

Direct Download:


PRTG is another long standing software in the network monitoring industry and rightfully so – they've not only perfected their infrastructure monitoring capabilities, but have also added support for Wifi Monitoring as well.

Some features of PRTG Wifi Analyzer are as follows (this list isn't fully compete, so make sure to check out their official site for more info at the link below):

  • Support for Major Manufacturers including: Netgear, Aruba, Meraki, Ruckus/Brocade, D-Link and Extreme Networks along with many other manufacturers.
  • SNMP Monitoring, Packet Analysis/Sniffing and Netflow are used for Analysing Wifi Traffic.
  • Monitor Device Status, Alarms, Uptime/Downtime, Load, Traffic, Signal Strength of Individual SSID's and Last Access.

Screenshots of PRTG in action:

More Information:



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3. Acrylic Wireless

Acrylic WiFi is another good option for diagnosing issues with your wireless network as well as getting a good overview and insight into access points, wifi channels, signal strength and connected devices.

With a feature list that is ever-growing Acrylic has an extensive list of tools that can be used for diagnosing slow wireless signals and connections as well as test speeds for uploads/downloads on your network. Some features that come with Acrylic include:

  • Inventory all connected Devices per Access point
  • Extract information on Max transfer speeds per Access Point and Client
  • Device Information of Clients connected to AP
  • Detects Access Points and Clients connected to them (Supports 802.11A/B/G/N/AC)
  • Extract Stats about Packet Retry Rates to identify Coverage Issues

Screenshots of Acrylic:


More Information:




Wifi is one of the most prevalent ways of accessing the internet nowadays, especially with the popularity of laptops and mobile devices becoming more and more accessible. Students and professional work environments are transforming migrating away from Ethernet connected networks and depending more on wireless networks to service all users from wherever they are located.

Colleges and Universities are almost entirely wireless and with the constant threat of malware and phishing that is being spammed around the internet, having a insight into your wifi networks on campus has never been more important. On top of that, monitoring wireless networks and deep packet analysis will help root out users who are using and abusing the internet and bandwidth by downloading Torrents, movies, mp3's and other media illegally.

For Enterprise and Business users, we highly recommend Solarwinds NPM for Wireless – They provide the best coverage and packet analysis features on the market. You can download a Free Trial of their software here and install within Minutes to start monitoring seamlessly. PRTG is also a great option as well and is another industry leader.

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