PCWDLD.com is dedicated to providing our readers with the best tutorials, ‘How-To' guides, and recommendations of software packages to the best of our ability. Our team of IT Professionals and Editors have a combined 20 yrs of experience in the Information Technology field and are continually refining their skills and knowledge as new software packages come out.

Our Range of Expertise and Certifications include (but are not limited to):

  • MCSA in Exchange Server
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • Extensive Cisco Training (ICND1 & ICND2)
  • Ubuntu/Centos Server Administration
  • Linux/Unix Administration
  • VCP 4.0 Professional (lapsed)
  • and many other Industry Certifications

Our Tech and IT Professionals have served in many different capacities in the IT Field and actively work in the field of Information Technology and Security. We're proud to have the many members of our team contributing when they can and we enjoy posting their in-depth articles.

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Our Writers

Diego Asturias

Diego is a full-time researcher and writer specializing in networking and cybersecurity. He has been researching, gathering, and publishing stunning content for about six years. Behind the Scenes. Diego is one of those who believe you don’t need to go to University to be the best, but he went anyway. He went to study at Strayer University, Virginia, USA, where he got his Bachelor's Degree in Internetworking Technology. This, obviously opened a lot of doors. He went on to work in major Latinamerican ISPs and cybersecurity providers. During this time, he designed and monitored networks, configured 3G/4G mobile broadband technologies, led different infrastructure installations, and learned to secure all those networks. In addition, across Diego's career, he has also gotten certifications from Cisco and McAfee and pursued others like AWS, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and Wireshark. Being hungry for more knowledge and challenging experiences, he traveled across the world to Seoul, South Korea, where he got his Master's degree. In a fantastic university, besides drinking beer for breakfast, he also collaborated on the development of a Wireless Sensor Networks project; one of those key technologies that led to the now popular, IoT. Diego also traveled to Africa to collaborate with the Chinese mega-company, Huawei, to design, maintain, monitor, and develop the 4G/LTE networks for about two years. After some tough cold nights sleeping inside A/C powered data centers, rather than under the beautiful African sky, Diego dreamed to become a journalist and share all his knowledge with others. Jumping Into Tech Journalism. Now, Diego loves what he does: Tech Journalism. Although dreaming about it, was smooth and fun, opening the way has been a wild ride. Now, six years have passed, and Diego is making a living and full-time career as a tech journalist. Today, he tests products; from proxy servers, VPNs, network monitoring tools, and WAFs. He writes about them and gives his opinion. He researches the web, sets up virtual and cloud labs, reads from fellow experts, identifies trends in tech, and shares his opinion. Diego also writes about server installations, securing those servers, threat intelligence, VPNs, proxies, TOR, P2P, online privacy, and more. He has been covering news on SiliconANGLE Media, has published in Threat Post, Lanner Electronics, Cloudbric, PCWDLD, ITT Systems, SecurityGladiators, Rapidseedbox, and many other leaders in the networking and cybersecurity industry.

Hitesh J

Hitesh Jethva is a senior writer at pcwdld.com and ittsystems.com. He is graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and combines his love of technology with writing. He is an expert in Linux, Security, DevOps, and Cloud Computing. He is writing Linux-related stuff and reviewing different software products like Firewall, Cloud services, Security, Applications, and more. He has over 12+ years of experience in Linux, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing. Prior to working for pcwdld.com and ittsystems.com, Hitesh wrote Linux and Security blogs for leading websites including, HowtoForge, AlibabaCloud, DigitalOcean, Dzone, Vultr, Linode, and more. His Linux-related blogs and articles helped millions of people to make complicated stuff easier. Hitesh also got a Most Valuable Person (MVP) award from Alibaba Cloud three times to grow the AlibabaCloud community. Follow Hitesh: Email : hitjethva@gmail.com Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/hitesh-jethva/ Skype : hitjethva_3 Website : https://linuxbuz.com

John Cirelly

Strategic technical support professional with seven years of experience in the information technology space. Combines deep industry knowledge with experience providing top of the line technical support.

Scott Pickard

Scott Pickard spent several years serving as an engineer focused on network operations and installations at a prominent broadband firm in the UK, noted for its delivery of high-speed internet and security solutions. In this capacity, he cultivated a strong inclination for enterprise-level network administration, involving responsibilities such as designing network infrastructure, preserving the operability of systems servicing thousands of customers, and addressing a multitude of challenges inherent to the job. Additionally, his role extended to a more micro level, where he applied cutting-edge technology in firewalling, routing, and wi-fi to establish customer environments, working as an installations and administration engineer.

Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper has taken a close interest in online security since his thesis on internet encryption in the early 90s. He believes that technology should serve the needs of people and so writing about protection from snoopers and hackers is his ideal niche. After working as an IT consultant across Europe and the USA, he has become adept at explaining complicated technology in everyday terms. He is a people person with an interest in technology.

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