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Titan SFTP/FTP Server Overview and Review

titan sftp review

Marc Wilson UPDATED: October 17, 2022

Titan SFTP/FTP Server by South River Technologies is one of the most versatile, fully-featured, enterprise-grade SFTP/FTP Combo software solutions available on the market for self-hosting your own file transfer server.

Its granular permission and grouping levels allows you to configure users with certain group-specific permissions or individual permission settings as needed.

Along with their highly customizable user permission and grouping features they also have the following features that really make it stand out from many other SFTP/FTP servers we've reviewed in the past:

  • Remotely Accessible and Configurable UI with Windows NT/SAM Authentication Option
  • Windows Domain user/group information Integration
  • Configure Automatic Account Expiration
  • Zlib implemented through MODE Z for FTP/FTPS and SSH for SFTP.
  • Disk Quota and enforce Upload/Download Ratios for Users/Groups
  • Control Maximum Numbers of Concurrent Connections and Connections Per IP Address
  • Set Max Upload/Download Speeds and Size per Session
  • Resume for Upload/Downloads
  • Run as a Window Service
  • Compatible with Windows 2008 and 2012 Servers
  • File Upload Integrity Checker

Protocols Supported

Titan SFTP/FTP Server supports the following protocols for file upload/download:

  • SFTP is available only in the Enterprise Version
  • FTPS (or FTP w/ SSL/TLS) which supports SSL v3 and v3.1 and TLS v1
  • HTTP/HTTPS over their Web Interface portal

Web Interface Features

Features of Titan's web interface makes it easy to communicate and share files with users outside of your organization or office quickly and efficiently through their Multi-Platform compatible interface.

Some main features of their web interface include:

  • Support for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX
  • Secure File Transfer over HTTPS
  • Drag-n-Drop File Transfer including Multiple Files or Folders at once.
  • Cross-Browser Support including compatibility with IE, Firefox, Safari, iPhone IOS and Android browsers.


  • User-friendly interface, even for those who are non-technical
  • Built-in auditing features for HIPAA and PCI compliant businesses make this tool a good option for clinics or healthcare services
  • Multi-platform support makes SRT Titan FTP Server more agile than some of its competitors
  • Simple interface that’s easy to use


  • Built primarily for enterprise use

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