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Cloudview NMS Review

cloudview nms

Marc Wilson UPDATED: October 19, 2022

Cloudview NMS is a low-cost network monitoring solution that can also serve as a Management platform for your network devices as well.

Cloudview can do it all, from Server and Network Monitoring to Web application and Agent-less monitoring as well.

One of the biggest benefits of this software on top of all its built-in functionality is its price-point – $295

Its low-cost price-point will shock most and leave many in disbelief as to its monitoring capabilities – so we're here to lay out as many features as we've read about and seen personally.

To start off, here's a quick run down of Cloudview's feature set:

  • Auto-Discovery of Network Devices with support for IPv4 and Ipv6
  • Highly scalable to hundreds of thousands of nodes and devices (including Mobile devices)
  • Historical reporting for up to 3 Months worth of Data for Interfaces and Utilization Rates.
  • Monitor any SNMP or TCP/IP capable devices
  • Cisco Router MIB Monitoring and Microsoft MIB Native Support
  • Integrated MIB Compiler any Private SNMP MIBs
  • Create Custom monitoring applications for Custom MIBs
  • Local and Remote Graphical Interface for managing Cloudview
  • Multiple User Profiles and Accounts w/ Option for Windows Integration
  • Support for iPhone/iPad, Android Phones and Tablets and Windows phone for Viewing Web App
  • All Major versions of SNMP Supported including: SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3 along with AES128 encryption
  • Server software can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris and even Raspberyy Pi.
  • Built-in Telnet and Telnet over SSL/SSH/TL-1 for non-SNMP devices.
  • Newly Added Proxy SSH functionality for accessing remote servers over SSH securely w/o the need for VPN
  • TFTP Server Built-in
  • Syslog Server Built-in
  • Newly Added Environmental Monitoring Application features in conjunction with WatchDog 15 Server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitor. (Also compatible with Raspberry Pi + DS18B20 Thermometer as well)
  • Alarms, Alerting and reporting systems with SMS/Email integration
  • Monitor Layer 7 Services including Email, FTP, HTTP/S and others.
  • SLA features for Service Providers
  • TL1 Northbound interface, TL1 gateway and TL1-SNMP translation software for any SNMP capable device, TL1 proxy.
  • XML Northbound interface, XML-SNMP translation software for any SNMP device, XML proxy.
  • SNMP Northbound interface, CloudView comes with its own SNMP Agent and supported private MIB.
  • and many more options..!

You can view a FULL list of Cloudview NMS's feature set via their official website here.

If you are a service provider or software distributor, Cloudview also caters to OEM's who are looking to customize the interface, support and compilation of custom/private MIBs.


  • Supports autodiscovery for both IPv4 and IPv6 devices
  • Allows for custom monitoring options – includes templates as well
  • Supports mobile device monitoring
  • Is a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses


  • Interface could use improvement

For being so competitively priced, Cloudview offers features far beyond what we thought it would handle, which is great for admins and engineers who are on a budget.

Network monitoring software no longer has to break the bank, and Cloudview NMS proves that with their sub-$300 price-point.

Official Website:


Download Links:

Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and Raspberry Pi: http://www.cloudviewnms.com/download.html

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