SQL Query Optimizer Tools & Software for Speeding Up Your Database!

SQL Query Optimizer tools and software

Marc Wilson

Poor server performance usually occurs when a database is not properly maintained. A single SQL query configured to collect information from a DB, can waste useful resources and degrade the overall performance of the server.

It is critical to find those poor-implemented queries and optimize them. The best way to do this is by rethinking and choosing the most efficient way to execute the SQL statement. This is usually done by gathering statistics based on the accessed data and determining the best way to execute the SQL query.

Manually finding this errors and fixing them, takes a huge amount of effort and time. Thanks to software and technology advancements, SQL queries can be automatically optimized or they can create certain tasks in order to improve them. Aside from optimizing queries, these tools can also fine-tune the SQL Servers for high performance through other optimization methods.

Main Characteristics of a SQL Query Optimizer

The core function of a SQL Query Optimizer tool is to try to determine the best way to run the query by analyzing different query plans. Some tools go beyond that…

Here are some of the features that the best SQL Query Optimizer Tools offer:

  1. Basic SQL Tuning:
    This is a core attribute in SQL Query Optimizers. It re-writes SQL statements differently to improve the performance of the server and still get the same SQL results.
  2. Online SQL Optimizer:
    Optimizes queries right on your web browser and from any device. Not so many optimizers offer this feature.
  3. Supported Database Environments:
    The common DB systems that are usually supported are, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, etc.
  4. Databases in the Cloud:
    Some Optimizers are able to analyze and optimize databases in the cloud, such as Microsoft SQL Azure or AWS RDS.

There are many tools in the market that offer advanced SQL optimization, but what are the best regarding features and pricing?

We gathered a list of the Best SQL Query Optimizer Tools, including brief information, screenshots, and their pricing.

Here's the Best SQL Query Optimizer Tools & Software of 2019:

  1. SolarWinds: Database Performance Analyzer
  2. Red-Gate
  3. Idera
  4. EverSQL
  5. dbForge Studio for SQL Server by Devart

Below you'll find a quick description about each product, its features and download/pricing information. We suggest you download a few of them to get a feeling of how they work in your environment, as most of them have Free 14 or 30 Day Fully Functional Trials.

1. SolarWinds: Database Performance Analyzer

solarwinds db performance analyzer and query optimizer

Database Performance Analyzer is a database and SQL query monitoring, analyzer and tuner. SolarWinds helps database managers improve the performance of the databases and eliminates bottlenecks that cause applications to run slow.

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer “DPA” identifies bad SQL statements through a method called “Response Time Analysis”. This method provides intelligence about the server’s performance over a specific time. It keeps track of every query in each session and finds the events that are delaying the queries.

DPA finds these expensive SQL queries using important resources such as CPU Time, Execution, Logical and Physical Reads and then recommends how to improve them.

Some of the key features of DPA:

  • Advanced SQL tuning recommendations.
  • Monitoring SQL code in production servers.
  • Finds database issues in real-time by monitoring active sessions.
  • Analyzes and tunes DBs in the cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Optimizes hardware resources, and collection of the execution plan in real time.
  • DPA is able to monitor the most popular database systems, such as SQL Server, Oracle, SAP-ASE, and DB2.


Free 30 Day Free Trial


Official Site and Download:


2. Red-Gate


Red-gate creates database management tools for MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and Azure. It offers a variety of tools but the most popular is SQL Tool belt, which is an industry-standard SQL Server development, monitoring, backup, and deployment tool.

Red-gate also provides software such as:

  • SQL Compare
  • SQL Data Compare
  • SQL Source Control
  • SQL Prompt
  • SQL Monitor
  • SQL Change Automation

Red-gate tools integrate the “SQL Server Query Optimizer” in some of their tools. It basically transforms badly implemented queries into high-performance execution plans.

For Example, with SQL Compare you can identify errors in the SQL code and instantly create deployment scripts. Another tool is SQL Monitor, which can allow you to troubleshoot bad queries through the execution plans.


Official Site and Download:




3. Idera


Idera offers a large selection of database management and development solutions. Their database monitoring/optimization tools allow you to quickly find errors in the code and fix them.

The tools that offer SQL monitoring and optimization are:

  • SQL Check: A free real-time performance monitoring for SQL.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager: Monitors SQL performance and creates alerts.
  • SQL Doctor: Get recommendations on how to improve SQL Server performance.
  • SQL Defrag Manager: Schedule SQL de-fragmentation jobs and find issues quickly.
  • SQL Inventory Manager: Auto-discovers and visualizes your entire SQL environment.
  • SQL BI Manager: Checks the health of SSAS, SSRS, and SSIS.
  • DB Optimizer: Optimize SQL queries across different DBMS platforms.

With Idera’s SQL Doctor, you can instantly locate performance issues, get instant advice on how to fix it and tune the overall performance of the system. This tool targets the most common areas that cause poor performance such as queries, security, server configuration, memory query plans, etc.

Another tool also used to optimize databases is DB Optimizer. It automatically maximizes database performance by finding, diagnosing, and optimizing poor-implemented SQL code.

Official Site and Download:

Start for free at Idera Software Solutions.



The basic Idera’s tools are free, but more advanced tools like SQL Doctor and DB Optimizer prices begin from $375 per user.


4. EverSQL

EverSQL online-optimizer

EverSQL is an online SQL query optimizer. This tool is used by database administrators to get query tuning recommendations and the best indexing suggestions. EverSQL can optimize queries in database systems such as MySQL, MariaDB, and PerconaDB.

You can start optimizing your slow MySQL queries for free and right from your web browser, by just uploading the query, the schema, and checking the recommendations. Other free and useful online tools offered by EverSQL are:

  • The SQL Query Syntax Check & Validator.
  • The Query Minifier for SQL Statements.
  • The Query Formatter.

Official Site and Download:

Start optimizing on EverSQL’s online platform, without download.



EverSQL’s pricing plan is based on the number of queries and features. You can start optimizing your queries from Free or move to Basic ($29/month), to Plus ($135/month), or to Pro ($748 per month).


5. dbForge Studio for SQL Server by Devart


dbForge Studio is feature-rich IDE for SQL Server development, management, administration, data analysis and reporting. It is a comprehensive solution that allows database managers make complex database changes, speed up routine tasks and improve workflows by tuning query performance.

dbForge Studio is popular because it allows easy creation, edition, copy, attachment, detachment, backup and restore of databases from one server to other. Some key features offered by this tool:

  • SQL Coding Assistant,
  • Source Control,
  • Data Generation,
  • Schema Compare,
  • Query Profiler,
  • Index Manager,
  • Database Diagram,
  • SQL Server Reporting,
  • Query Builder, etc.

The SQL Query Profiler is one of the best SQL query tuners out there. It is a highly visual tool that allows DB masters work faster and more effectively. It finds slow executing nodes, visualizes and creates a tuned query execution plan.

Official Site and Download:

Get a copy of dbForge Studio for SQL Server.


The pricing plan includes three different buying options, Standard ($249.95), Professional ($499.95), and Enterprise ($699.95).



When data from a database is needed for a query, it can be accessed through different processing methods. Those methods take different processing times, which can vary from seconds to even hours.

Such is the importance of Automatic Query Optimization.

A powerful database server can suffer from bad performance just because a few bad-implemented queries are taking long hours to complete. An SQL Query Optimizer Tool will try to process that same query in the least amount of time.

The 5 tools shown above will effectively improve the performance of a server, by finding alternative ways to process those SQL queries and optimally reduce the time.