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SoftActivity Monitor Review for Employee Monitoring, Website Tracking & More!

softactivity employee monitoring software

Marc Wilson UPDATED: October 17, 2022

SoftActivity Monitor is a fully-featured employee monitoring system that aims to give you more control over your employees and boost productivity across your entire company.Not only does it do this and more, but it does so while having an intuitive interface that makes using all of its features a breeze.

Speaking of features, it has everything you would expect in a professional monitoring system and then some. A few of its most important features includes:

  • Website Tracking
    Not only can you see what websites your employees are visiting, but you can track how long they’re on each site. This is a really important tool when it comes to limiting employee distractions and getting them back on track with their work.
  • Email Recording
    SoftActivity Monitor will automatically record every email that your employees receive and send so that you can keep an accurate history of their communications to reference should the need come up.
  • Silent Monitoring
    SoftActivity Monitor runs silently in the background, so you can monitor your employees without slowing down their computers or interrupting their work.
  • Monitor Application Usage
    Keeping track of what applications your employees use, when they use them, and for how long is incredibly important when trying to find ways to boost employee productivity and manage resources efficiently.
  • Track Keystrokes
    SoftActivity Monitor has a keylogger built in so that you can keep an accurate record of what your employees type while on the clock.
  • Setup Alerts
    it’s also possible to setup alerts in SoftActivity Monitor so that you can be notified anytime one of your employees breaks company computer policy or otherwise does something that you want to be alerted for. This is a particularly handy tool for keeping your data secure from insider threats.
  • User Attendance Tracking
    Being able to keep track of employees’ session lengths and when they log in to their accounts can be very useful for keeping track of attendance.
  • Admin Web Console
    Keeping track of all this data is incredibly easy using the admin web console. You can setup admin accounts and then access your records and tracking data all in one place on the web.

While this list is already impressive, this is just a brief look at some of the more notable features that SoftActivity Monitor offers.


  • Can track virtually all behavior – web usage, file access, emails, and data access
  • Provides a remote look into desktops
  • Is easy to use – doesn't require extensive training
  • Offers access controls for management


  • Endpoint agents can be resource intensive on older machines
  • Tracking keystrokes may be considered invasive by staff

You can see a full list, along with in-depth details of each feature, on their website.

With all of these useful and powerful tools, one would expect that SoftActivity Monitor would cost a pretty penny, but luckily, that’s not the case.


SoftActivity Monitor starts at $189.99 for three (one admin and two monitored) computers, which is quite the bargain considering the license never expires.With this price you also get a year of free updates and support.

Overall, if you need a good employee monitoring system for your company, you can’t go wrong with SoftActivity Monitor. It has all the tools that you need to keep track of your employees’ activity and behavior in order to reduce distractions, tackle problem areas, beef up security, and increase productivity. It’s a one-stop shop for employee monitoring and it does its job well.

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