Ntfs Permissions Tool to List Effective File/Folder Rights in Active Directory

ntfs permission tool folders files and users in active directory

Marc Wilson

Ntfs Permissions Tool is a software package that allows you to specify a User within Active Directory and a specific Share, File or Folder and it will output the Effective Permissions for that User and Given file/folder. This tool is Free to use and will prove to be very handy when you need to lookup specific users and their respective permissions on a file/folder level.

Listing Effective NTFS Permissions

Here's a quick Tutorial of how to use this software to quickly and accurately list NTFS Permissions with this Tool.

  1. Download Free Tools from Solarwinds – Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory
  2. After you have installed the Tool, run it and you will see a window like the screenshot below:
    ntfs permission tool screenshot
  3. Enter the Username you would like to extract permissions in the “Group or User” line and enter the Shared File/Folder as shown below:
    enter username and shared folder or file
  4. Click “ANALYZE” to bring up the NTFS Permissions in the bottom window, like shown below:
    ntfs permissions for user and folders

As you can see from the last screenshot, you will get a Full list of Share Level and NTFS level permissions including Read, Write, Execute and Full Control permission levels. This is great for understanding and listing out all of the users rights for a given file/folder.

More so, you can expand a certain Permission to see which of that users group memberships has been granted that certain permission level to that file/folder being analyzed, as seen below:

distribution group membership

As you can see, this NTFS permissions tool is excellent in extracting a nice list of rights a user has in Active Directory for a certain Share, Folder and File. Grab the download below (its Free!) and let us know how it worked for you.