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NinjaOne RMM 2024 Review

NinjaOne RMM Review

Scott Pickard UPDATED: May 24, 2023

A comprehensive review of NinjaOne RMM, exploring its features, pricing, and more.

NinjaOne RMM is a robust and comprehensive IT management solution that assists enterprises of all sizes in more efficiently and securely managing their IT systems and devices. NinjaOne RMM is quickly becoming one of the most popular IT management solutions on the market, with a variety of features and functionality designed to streamline IT operations and increase overall efficiency.

In this review, we'll look at NinjaOne RMM's various advantages, such as its monitoring and administration capabilities, automation and scripting tools, and reporting and analytics features. We'll also examine the software's usability and interface, as well as its customer support and resources. In addition, we'll go through the software's pricing and trial choices, as well as some unfavorable parts of the user experience.

This review will offer you a full overview of NinjaOne RMM and what it can accomplish for you, whether you're a small business owner, an IT manager for a large-scale enterprise, or simply a technology enthusiast. So, if you're seeking a strong and adaptable IT management solution, keep reading to find out why NinjaOne RMM might be the best option for you.

Feature Breakdown

NinjaOne RMM is a complete Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) program that provides a variety of features and functionality to assist IT professionals in managing and maintaining their IT systems and devices. The program includes robust features for monitoring and managing devices, automating repetitive operations, and producing reports and analytics.

Monitoring & Management

  • Real-time monitoring of devices and systems to detect and diagnose issues quickly
  • Remote access and control of devices to perform troubleshooting and maintenance tasks
  • Advanced security features to protect against threats and vulnerabilities
  • Automated patch management to keep devices and systems up-to-date

Automation & Scripting

  • Automation of repetitive tasks to save time and effort
  • Custom scripting capabilities to automate a wide range of tasks
  • Schedule tasks to run automatically on a schedule
  • Pre-configured scripts and libraries to use as a starting point for custom scripts

Reporting & Analytics

  • Detailed device reports identifying trends and patterns
  • Custom report generation and dashboards to visualize data
  • Schedule reports to be generated and distributed on a schedule
  • Pre-configured reports and dashboards to provide valuable insights into the performance and health of devices

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of those features in more detail for you to peruse depending on what is of interest to you and your business.

Monitoring & Management

NinjaOne RMM Monitoring & Management

NinjaOne RMM provides comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities to IT professionals, allowing them to keep a tight eye on their devices, networks, and applications. Administrators can swiftly detect and handle issues with real-time monitoring and alerting before they become serious concerns. The program also allows for remote access and control of devices, making it simple to troubleshoot and resolve difficulties.

One of NinjaOne RMM's primary characteristics is its ability to monitor and manage devices. The software may detect and notify of a variety of device-related concerns, such as insufficient disk space, excessive CPU utilization, and obsolete software. This enables administrators to handle possible issues ahead of time and keep devices working smoothly. Furthermore, NinjaOne RMM gives complete device information, including hardware and software inventories, making it simple to maintain track of the network's devices.

NinjaOne RMM's network monitoring capabilities are another significant aspect. The software may monitor and alert on a variety of network-related concerns, such as excessive bandwidth utilization, low signal strength, and connectivity issues. This enables administrators to swiftly discover and repair network faults, allowing the network to remain operational. NinjaOne RMM also delivers detailed network information, such as topology maps and bandwidth utilization reports, making it simple to assess network performance.

NinjaOne RMM delivers comprehensive application monitoring and management features in addition to monitoring and managing devices and networks. The software may detect and notify on a variety of application-related issues, such as excessive memory utilization, sluggish reaction times, and crashes. This enables administrators to handle possible issues ahead of time and keep apps functioning smoothly. NinjaOne RMM also gives precise application information such as version and patch level, making it simple to maintain track of the apps on the network.

Automation & Scripting

NinjaOne RMM Automation & Scripting

NinjaOne RMM includes robust automation and scripting features that enable IT professionals to automate repetitive procedures and create bespoke scripts to optimize their operations. The software has a variety of built-in automation features, such as pre-configured scripts for common activities and the ability to write custom scripts in PowerShell, VBScript, or other scripting languages.

The ability to automate repetitive processes is a fundamental element of NinjaOne RMM's automation capabilities. For example, the program can be configured to run a script regularly to check for updates and install them on all devices. This can save IT teams a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually checking and updating each device. NinjaOne RMM can also be customized to automate other operations such as data backup, security scanning, and software deployment management.

NinjaOne RMM's ability to generate custom scripts is another powerful feature. The product has a scripting engine, which enables IT professionals to write bespoke scripts in PowerShell, VBScript, or other scripting languages. These scripts can be used to automate a variety of operations, including device configuration, user and group management, and IT service request workflow automation. NinjaOne RMM also includes a library of pre-configured scripts that can be used as a starting point for developing bespoke scripts.

Furthermore, NinjaOne RMM's automation and scripting capabilities allow IT teams to plan jobs, allowing them to conduct automated operations at certain times, such as during non-business hours, to minimize the impact on users. This can assist ensure that activities are completed consistently and on time, increasing the efficiency of IT operations.

Reporting & Analytics

NinjaOne RMM Reporting & Analytics

NinjaOne RMM provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities that provide useful insights into the performance and health of IT systems and devices. The software includes a variety of pre-configured reports and dashboards, as well as the option to design custom reports and dashboards. The ability to generate detailed device reports is a crucial aspect of NinjaOne RMM's reporting and analytics capabilities. The program can be set up to provide information on a variety of device-related parameters, including device uptime, software updates, hardware inventory, and performance metrics. These reports can assist IT professionals make informed decisions about their IT systems and devices by identifying trends and patterns.

The ability to produce custom reports and dashboards is another powerful feature of NinjaOne RMM's reporting and analytics capabilities. The software has a reporting engine that enables IT workers to build custom reports and dashboards from a variety of data sources. These reports and dashboards can be customized to match the specific needs of a company and can be used to represent data in a variety of ways, such as charts, tables, and maps.

Furthermore, NinjaOne RMM's reporting and analytics capabilities include the option to schedule reports, allowing IT teams to automate report generation and dissemination on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This can help to ensure that reports are generated consistently and on time, enhancing IT operations' efficiency.

User Experience

NinjaOne RMM User Experience

NinjaOne RMM is built for ease of use, with a user-friendly interface that allows IT professionals of all skill levels to access and manage their IT systems and devices. The software is simple and easy to use, with a well-organized style that allows you to quickly access the features and capabilities you require.

The primary dashboard of the software provides a clear and concise overview of the state of devices and systems, and a simple navigation menu allows you to rapidly access the software's numerous parts. The interface is fully adjustable, and you can alter the layout to suit your needs. The software also includes a variety of context-sensitive assistance and tutorials that may be accessed from within the software. Users can easily discover the information they need to solve issues or learn how to use new features as a result of this.

Furthermore, NinjaOne RMM includes a sophisticated yet simple automation engine with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It simplifies the automation of repetitive activities for IT experts, and non-technical users can utilize the automation engine to construct bespoke scripts.

The software allows users to customize the layout based on their tastes, allowing them to customize the interface and work more comfortably. The main dashboard can be readily customized to present the information that is most important to the user. Users can also design custom views and filters, which can be used to quickly locate devices and systems that require attention. Users can also personalize the warnings and notifications generated by the software. This enables users to concentrate on the most important topics and prioritize their work. Users can also create custom scripts and automation tasks that are triggered by events, such as the discovery of a security threat.

While NinjaOne RMM is often praised for its ease of use and intuitive interface, there are a few drawbacks to the user experience that should be mentioned. One typical concern is that the software, with so many features and capabilities to understand, can be intimidating for new RMM users. This can make it difficult for users to rapidly get up to speed and begin efficiently utilizing the product. Furthermore, some customers have noted that the software is slow to load or respond, which can be aggravating.

Furthermore, several users have stated that the software's reporting and analytics features could be enhanced. They indicated that more detailed reporting and deeper analytics capabilities could help users better understand their devices and systems. Essentially, while NinjaOne RMM is generally regarded as simple and intuitive, some users have found it difficult to understand, slow to load or respond, and complex to set up and set up. Some users have suggested that the software's reporting and analytics capabilities be improved.

Mobile Management

NinjaOne RMM enables users to access and manage their IT systems from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Users can stay connected and informed even while they are not at their desks. Users may access critical information and make changes to their IT systems from anywhere, at any time, thanks to mobile accessibility.

The mobile app features a simpler, streamlined layout that allows users to easily access the most critical information and conduct key operations, even on small screens. The software also sends customers real-time warnings and notifications, allowing them to stay informed and take appropriate action. In addition to the mobile app, the program has a flexible web-based interface that adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions, allowing users to access and manage their IT systems from any device without downloading a separate app.

Scalability and Flexibility

NinjaOne RMM Scalability and Flexibility

NinjaOne RMM is meant to be scalable and adaptable to the demands of organizations of all kinds, from small businesses to major corporations. The program may be tailored to match the individual needs of any firm, allowing IT staff to focus on their primary activities without worrying about tool limits.

One of the software's primary benefits is its capacity to scale to meet the needs of growing companies. This enables enterprises to add additional systems, devices, and users as needed without fear of the software being overburdened or outmoded. The scalability of the program means that it can adapt to changes in business requirements and technology, providing enterprises with a long-term IT management solution.

NinjaOne RMM is not only scalable but also versatile, allowing users to tailor its features and capabilities to their individual requirements. The software, for example, offers a variety of customization options for alerts, notifications, and reports, allowing users to customize their IT management solution to their specific needs. Generally, NinjaOne RMM's scalability and adaptability give enterprises a complete and cost-effective IT management solution that can adapt to changing needs and requirements without the need for new tools or software. Organizations can rely on NinjaOne RMM to provide a flexible and scalable IT management solution that helps them achieve their goals, whether they are starting small or rapidly expanding.

Customer Support & Resources

NinjaOne RMM provides a comprehensive and powerful support system in terms of customer service and resources. The software has a large online knowledge base with detailed instructions on how to use the software, diagnose issues, and adjust various features. The knowledge base is divided into clear and simple parts, making it simple for users to obtain the information they require. Users may also access a large range of tutorials and videos that cover many parts of the software, making it simple to learn how to use it.

NinjaOne RMM, in addition to the knowledge base, provides email and phone support, as well as a community forum where users may ask questions and share tips and ideas with other users. The support service is extremely responsive and competent, and they can assist with even the most complex issues. Furthermore, the software includes an integrated ticket system that allows customers to submit support tickets right from the software, which is very useful.

NinjaOne RMM also provides a variety of training options, such as online tutorials, webinars, and on-site training. These tools are intended to assist users in quickly becoming acquainted with the software and making the most of its features and functionality. The online tutorials and seminars are excellent resources for new users of the software because they cover the fundamentals of the product and how to get started. Furthermore, on-site training is a terrific choice for larger firms that wish to train numerous staff members at the same time.

Free Trial & Pricing Options

NinjaOne RMM has a flexible and economical pricing structure, making it suitable for a wide range of enterprises. The program is provided on a subscription basis, with various pricing levels to meet various demands and budgets. The basic plan is the most cost-effective option and is ideal for small enterprises and individuals who are just getting started with the program. This subscription gives you access to all the software's core features, such as monitoring and management, automation and scripting, reporting and analytics, and more. The basic plan is paid per device, making it simple to estimate the cost of utilizing the software.

The program provides a variety of higher-tier plans for larger enterprises that want more advanced features and capabilities. These plans include comprehensive reporting and analytics, custom scripting and integration, and other features and tools. The higher-tier plans are similarly paid per device, making it simple to determine the cost of utilizing the program.

NinjaOne RMM offers a choice of price alternatives for customers that want to pay for the software on an annual or multi-year basis, in addition to the subscription-based pricing model. For firms who wish to lock in a reduced rate for an extended period, this can be a cost-effective alternative. The per-device price approach makes calculating the cost of using the software simple, and the many pricing plans and annual or multi-year options allow companies to select the plan that best meets their needs and budget.

Users who want to test out NinjaOne RMM before committing to a subscription can do so with a free 30-day trial. The trial version is completely functional and gives access to all the product's features and functions, allowing users to gain a thorough knowledge of what the software is capable of. The trial is an excellent opportunity for users to gain hands-on experience with the program and discover firsthand how it may improve their IT operations. The trial allows you to test the software's usability, interface, customer service, and resources, as well as its monitoring and management, automation and scripting, reporting and analytics, and other capabilities.


Ultimately, NinjaOne RMM is a powerful and user-friendly remote management and monitoring software that provides a variety of features and functionality to assist enterprises in improving their IT operations. The program is accessible to a wide spectrum of businesses, from small firms to huge corporations, thanks to its flexible and reasonable pricing options.

The monitoring and management capabilities, automation and scripting, and reporting and analytics aspects of the program are intended to assist enterprises in improving their efficiency and security. The software's flexible design and intuitive nature make it simple to use, and the customer support and resources accessible to users provide peace of mind and guarantee that they get the most out of it. NinjaOne RMM's trial option gives consumers a risk-free opportunity to test the software and learn for themselves how it may improve their IT operations. Furthermore, the varied pricing options, including annual and multi-year options, allow companies to easily select the pricing plan that best meets their demands and budget.

While NinjaOne RMM is an extremely capable solution, there are a few places where it may be enhanced. Some customers have stated that the software is difficult to set up and operate, particularly for individuals who are unfamiliar with remote administration and monitoring tools. Furthermore, while the software's customer service and resources are generally outstanding, some users have noted that response times can be lengthy and that getting the help they need promptly can be challenging.

However, in the larger scheme of things, these are minor flaws that are overshadowed by the software's many beneficial features. Overall, NinjaOne RMM is an excellent resource for firms trying to better their IT operations, and its numerous advantages make it well worth considering for anyone looking for a remote management and monitoring solution.

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