Best DataDog Alternatives, Replacements & Competitors for Application & Log Monitoring

datadog alternatives and replacements

Marc Wilson

Datadog was specially designed for developers and operations teams “DevOps” to keep track of their apps and services. It allows them to collect data from distributed systems and convert them into valuable insights.

What is Datadog?

It is a monitoring and analytics tool that specializes in cloud-scale applications. Datadog allows you to keep track of all systems, apps, databases, and services from a centralized SaaS-based interface.

Datadog allows integration of more than 250 built-in tools and services. Its agent-based integrations improve the general monitoring of the commonly used-application frameworks. The agents installed in the supported environments can aggregate and report metrics to the centralized platform, which creates custom visualizations and reports.

The screenshot below shows some of its integrations:

databog intergrations

APM & Infrastructure Monitoring

To be able to keep track of the health of the network, you need real-time information on infrastructure and applications. Datadog can monitor modern distributed architectures on real-time, built on hybrid environments either on the cloud, bare metal hosts, containers, and micro-services.

All infrastructure monitoring and APM (Application Performance Management) systems are built on open source and are fully customizable. Datadog’s integrated APM can keep track of application performance and generate graphs and alerts on error distribution or latencies.

apm screen

Log Processing & Monitoring

Datadog’s advanced log processing and analytics allow troubleshooting of complex application issues. The logs are helpful here because they are automatically generated from the integrations or your preferred log-generating tools.

Datadog supports seamless integration with common frameworks and infrastructure technologies, which includes log agents such as Syslog-ng, Fluentd, Logstash, etc. It allows searching and filtering capabilities for all your integrations.


Other features that are worth mentioning:

  • Real-time customizable interactive dashboards.
  • Share and discuss system events and metrics with your team.
  • Get alerts and notifications via e-mail, PagerDuty, Slack, and more.
  • Clean graphs of StatsD.
  • Full API access.

DataDog Pricing

Datadog’s pricing model is based on Infrastructure, APM, and Log management.

Infrastructure management has three licensing sub-models, Free ($0), Pro ($15 per host/month) and Enterprise ($23 per host/month).

The APM has one license and an add-on, APM and distributed tracing ($31 per host/month), and Trace Share and Analytics (add-on for $1.27 per million trace events/month)

The Log Management 7-day-retention, 15-day-retention, and 30-day-retention. For more information on pricing, check Datadog’s website.

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Here's the Best DataDog Alternatives/Replacements of 2020:

  1. Loggly
  2. Librato
  3. Dynatrace
  4. New Relic
  5. AppDynamics

1. Loggly

loggly dashboard

Loggly from SolarWinds is a SaaS for monitoring and analyzing text-based logs. It can let you trace problems down to their root cause by examining logs from servers or clients. Loggly is compatible with sources such as Linux, Docker, Python, JavaScript, Windows System Logs, and a lot more.

The tool is also capable of monitoring your resources and metrics proactively. It can show you application performance and suspicious behavior across the entire stack.

Loggly also allows you to integrate with the common DevOps tools, so that your team can share log analytics and real-time stream event logs. Its integration to apps such as HipChat, Slack, Jira, PagerDuty allows higher team collaboration. You can even integrate it with your tools with Loggly’s powerful API.

Other Features of Loggly that are noteable:

  • Cloud Monitoring.
  • Interactive Dashboards.
  • Track SLA Compliance.
  • KPI Reporting.
  • Powerful and interactive search.
  • Anomaly Detection and Alerts.


There are four different editions, Free (Basic Log search), Standard (Starting at $79/month), Pro (Starting at $199/month), and Enterprise (Starting at $79/month).


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2. Librato

Librato from SolarWinds is a SaaS-based service designed for monitoring and analyzing metrics. Librato has now an improved version, called AppOptics. This tool integrates server, infrastructure, and application monitoring into a centralized solution.

Librato+AppOptics is designed for DevOps and engineering teams that want to understand the critical metrics while supporting their infrastructure and applications environment. This tool offers charting, flexible dashboarding and information sharing for high team collaboration. It allows them to collect and act upon any metric through the entire stack in real-time.

The tool collects data from many integrations and then lets you visualize metrics and set alerts. It is also a fantastic tool for debugging and analyzing specific performance problems.

Features and capabilities of Librato include:

  • Fully customizable metrics.
  • Infrastructure monitoring.
  • Trace powered APM.
  • 150+ cloud-ready integrations.


AppOptics uses a pay-per-use pricing model. Start at $7.50/month for Infrastructure monitoring per/host and $20.00/month per APM host.


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3. Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a monitoring software specially designed for the enterprise cloud. It is an all-in-one platform that provides APM, Artificial Intelligence for Operations “AIOps,” Cloud infrastructure monitoring, and Digital Experience Management “DEM.”

It allows +129 monitoring services such as Amazon EC2, Docker, Hyper-V among many more. It also offers more than 31 integrations, including collaboration tools like Slack, Jira, Hipchat, etc.

Dynatrace is an agent-based platform. Install their OneAgent on the hosts to automatically detect and map the entire application’s environment. Once the agent is deployed on the host, it gets full visibility of the whole stack.

Some features that come with DynaTrace include:

  • AI-powered APM
  • Monitoring for the cloud, container, virtualization, server, network, and logs
  • Anomaly detection and event analytics
  • Third-party data and metrics


The price is not on the website. Contact them to get a price quote.


Get a 15-day free trial version by registering with Dynatrace.

4. New Relic

new relic

New Relic is an application/infrastructure performance management software designed for DevOps. The basic platform gives you real-time insights on the full stack of your cloud apps and infrastructure. New Relic can keep track of your apps whether is on-premises, on the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

The different services are not integrated into one platform as in Datadog and Loggly. New Relic is based on a set of products, including the New Relic APM, Infrastructure, Browser, Mobile, Synthetics, and Insights.

  • New Relic APM: Gives you a complete overview of your apps and deep insights into their performance, dependencies, and bottlenecks.
  • New Relic Infrastructure: Dynamic infrastructure and server montiroing for on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.
  • New Relic Browser: Complete view of your front-end environment.
  • New Relic Mobile: Keep track of your mobile apps and backend systems.
  • New Relic Synthetics: Proactive monitoring and faster debugging.
  • New Relics Insights: Collect important data, keep track, and act upon real-time events.


The pricing model is based on estimations. For example, for an APM price estimate for monitoring two c1.xlarge AWS instances for 375 (hours / month), the price estimate is around $191.67/month.


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5. AppDynamics

AppDynamics by Cisco is a next-generation application performance and infrastructure monitoring. Its APM allows full management of complex distributed applications. It offers app mapping, automatic discovery, dynamic base-lining, and automated code diagnostics. It also allows you to visualize all business and application performance in real-time.

The tool allows full infrastructure visibility for troubleshooting servers, networks, and databases. AppDynamics is also known for its End-User Monitoring“EUM” which ensures better customer experiences. This is achieved by solving problems automatically, recording errors, crashes, page-load details, and other user metrics. EUM also give you full visibility into the performance effect on third-party APIs.

AppDynamics also allows AIOps “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations” through its Cognition Engine to identify unusual behavior in performance and automate its analysis.


AppDynamics comes in different pricing models, APM (Pro, Advanced, Peak) and End-User Monitoring (Pro and Peak). The price is not published, but you can get a quote.

Sing up to get an AppDynamics 15-day free trial.



Datadog is an SaaS application and infrastructure monitoring tool. It integrates over 250 built-in tools and services to extend its monitoring capabilities. Datadog is very popular for having an integrated APM with infrastructure monitoring, something that not much products have.

Datadog is a fantastic feature-rich tool for infrastructure and application monitoring, but according to many DevOps team leaders its packaging and licensing model makes it very difficult to obtain. This is because you have to buy separate licenses for Infrastructure, APM, and Log management and it can get expensive.

Another reason why some DevOps are choosing its alternatives is that its installation and learning can be complex.

Alternative products listed above such as Loggly, offer less flexibility in terms of licensing but a lot cheaper. For a standard license ($79/month) you’ll get both, Log Analysis and APM. T

When it comes to application and log monitoring, Loggly is a great alternative. It is also a SaaS but with minimal setup and at a reasonable cost. Loggly is very complete when it comes to Application and Log Monitoring.

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