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Dameware Remote Everywhere vs GoTo Resolve

Dameware Remote Everywhere vs GoTo Resolve

Scott Pickard UPDATED: November 28, 2022

Can SolarWind’s new cloud product compare with LogMeIn’s new rebrand called GoTo Resolve?

Both Dameware Remote Everywhere by SolarWinds, and GoTo Resolve, have gone through a recent upgrade that has put both remote support solutions in the limelight.

SolarWinds added a cloud-based alternative to their Dameware Remote Support product that expands on the features of the original to bring all the benefits of the original product. Still, all packaged into the convenience of the cloud. Meanwhile, you may recognize GoTo Resolve by its previous incarnation: LogMeIn. The company has undergone a complete rebranding that has led to a new product lineup. GoTo Resolve is their answer to a cloud-based remote support solution as part of this new brand identity.

In this article, we compare Dameware Remote Everywhere with GoTo Resolve—two products that have a recognized, well-constructed foundation, freshened up with a new coat of paint for the next generation of remote support. Let’s dive into what subtleties make these products different.

What you need from a Remote Support Solution

Most contemporary remote support solutions are cloud-based, and one advantage of handling them in the cloud is faster deployment. Working through a cloud platform also has the advantage of allowing you to provide support from any device. This includes mobile, which you might have to support as part of your business, and may be an important consideration when choosing your remote support service.

The majority of remote assistance products haven't changed much since they were initially introduced, with a few notable exceptions. The first is connectivity, which includes how quickly you can connect with your remote partner and how diligently you must distribute a software agent or share a support link. Most cloud-based SaaS support systems will market themselves according to the number of technician licenses and end users they can support separately. The intersection of these two sums is typically the most important aspect when determining the total cost of your membership.

Several critical Security features have also become an industry standard across remote support solutions, and you should expect to see them in the list of features of your intended product. These include encrypted connectivity and some form of user whitelisting. These are vital because of the potential problems that might occur if remote access is leaked to malicious parties, since it provides a 1-to-1 connection, often with full access to an endpoint.

Dameware Remote Everywhere’s Features – FREE TRIAL

The SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) product is designed to be a quick-connecting, highly responsive remote assistance solution that prioritizes data collection and security. The system includes comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, and remote connections set up through the client or from the mobile app make it simple to obtain device information. With no need for a full remote connection, even registry changes may be made through the directly linked interface, making it simple to make general device tweaks without having to laboriously switch between devices.

One of the primary advantages is the capacity to remotely activate devices with precise controls to establish the prerequisites for connecting to another computer. DRE can be set up to restart a powered-down computer and “wake up” another computer that is sleeping or in power-saving mode using Intel vPro AMT technology. By supporting unattended connections, you may troubleshoot issues even when the end user is away from their computer.

DRE uses a simple distribute and install user agent to establish the remote desktop sharing connection. When you first connect to a different computer, the client agent could be configured automatically, or the MSI builder can also be used to create a distinct agent installation package that can be installed through Group Policies or third-party platforms. Direct customer communication is another option offered by DRE, which speeds up problem-solving. Additionally, you may capture screenshots of the remote desktop and save them to your computer, which can help you identify the issue and provide a visual guide if you need to revisit it later.

DRE guarantees that only authorized individuals may access critical information and endpoints while connecting to devices remotely, providing a level of security frequently lacking from many other remote help solutions. You can impose conditions on end users to grant system administrators access, or you can utilize Active Directory to limit who is permitted to connect remotely to other machines. Additionally, you may control precisely who has access to faraway PCs.

Price: The cost of SolarWinds' Dameware Remote Everywhere software starts at $540, however, a 14-day free trial that includes all features is available for download. This is a fantastic technique to ascertain whether the product will meet the particular requirements of your business. The number of continuously active “technicians” determines the total costs of the product. Each user has access to 500 supported endpoints per license.

Download: https://www.dameware.com/dameware-remote-everywhere

Start 14-day Free Trial!

GoTo Resolve’s Features

LogMeIn has rebranded all of its products towards GoTo, and now the company’s remote support solution package has been renamed to GoTo Resolve. Your IT staff can easily and securely monitor, prioritize, and maintain your endpoint infrastructure with GoTo Resolve. The solution allows you to quickly and easily access endpoints from a desktop console, web console, or mobile app and fix problems from any location. A single-view dashboard makes it simple to monitor every device. Device Quick View in GoTo Resolve enables one-click access to endpoint system diagnostics without requiring the beginning of a remote session or interfering with end users.

You can simplify support access by integrating ticketing with enterprise communications systems, and the system also allows ad-hoc chat queries to be quickly turned into tickets. The GoTo Resolve tool, within the messaging platforms, makes it simple to evaluate, comment on, and check status updates for all tickets. Support requesters can submit their inquiries via messaging and again via ticket submission. This whole process means that getting the decisions required to be productive is very straightforward thanks to several streamlining processes.

From a mobile device, you may access managed devices, start a remote session, check real-time performance metrics, etc. Support staff members have immediate access to provide immediate IT support whenever they need it by using the GoTo Resolve Agent mobile app.

LogMeIn advertises itself as using the same zero trust security standards that are enforced by several worldwide banking institutions. They achieve this through the enforcement of end-to-end data encryption and permission-based support, and by incorporating AES-256 bit encryption models throughout their platform. Agent login access control is made to be very simple and secure, by automating license provisioning and access management.

Using the same user identification as in other business apps, agents can sign in using SSO. Securing logins and enabling and disabling technicians as necessary are simple tasks made possible by AD, which supports SSO and user synchronization. Other security-focused features include automated recording of support sessions that can provide an accurate record of all chat and screen activity for training and auditing needs. Account administrators can choose which sessions are automatically recorded using recording controls.

Other streamlining features include the ability to smoothly switch a remote session to another agent by using session transfer. During support sessions, multi-agent collaboration enables numerous agents to view and manage the customer's screen concurrently, retrieve diagnostic data, and speak with the client and each other. Without initiating a remote session, you can retrieve system diagnostics from any device, including CPU, memory, and network information. You can remotely access this information on any device, then bring it directly into the agent dashboard. Real-time data can be easily requested as long as the remote access window is open, even if it doesn't instantly populate.

GoTo Resolve has an extremely reasonable pricing model, with a 14-day free trial of their Standard package. They also have a free version of the product available for up to three remote agents and three endpoints—while this isn’t overly feasible for a business, it means you can dive into testing the basic features without even having to activate the trial period. The full product is divided into two main packages, Basic and Standard—they are both geared toward smaller teams with lower costs, but can be expanded upon with unlimited additional technicians or endpoints.


Dameware Remote EverywhereGoTo Resolve
Supported DevicesWindows, Linux, macOS, Android, & iOSWindows, Linux, macOS, Android, & iOS
Deployment TypeCloud and WebCloud and Web
Trial Period14-day, with full features14-day, with full features
Price per individual license$540/mo, with costs reduced at higher quantities$69/mo to $230/mo, with discounted costs available
Endpoints per license500100
Av. Cost per EndpointApprox. $1.08/moApprox. $0.69 to $2.30/mo

From a purely costs-based standpoint, the two options are fairly equal. GoTo Resolve is geared towards smaller teams of agents with lower endpoint demands—but it may be possible to contact them directly to bargain for better deals aimed at higher business demands. Dameware Remote Everywhere has better-listed costs at its highest grade tier, so if you’re looking for something aimed at approximately 500 endpoints per license, then it may be the better option in terms of cost.

You can use Active Directory to restrict who is allowed to connect remotely to other machines, or you can set restrictions on end users to provide system administrators access. DRE can be configured to “wake up” an idle or power-saving computer and restart a computer that has been turned off. Meanwhile, monitoring every device in GoTo Resolve is straightforward with a single-view dashboard. With only one click in GoTo Resolve, endpoint system diagnostics may be seen without starting a remote session or interfering with end users.

The complete deployment speed for your supported endpoints is greatly accelerated by the cloud and web-based deployment of Dameware Remote Everywhere. This is essential for call-in customers who require ad hoc support, and it was one of the key problems with the Dameware Remote Everywhere non-cloud version. In a similar vein, the deployment procedure for your supported endpoints is significantly sped up by GoTo Resolve's web-based deployment.

Dameware Remote Everywhere capabilities include extensive diagnostic tools that are included in the solution. Device details may be easily accessed via remote connections set up through the client or from the mobile app. Registry changes can be made through the directly linked interface without a full remote connection. GoTo Resolve comes equipped with a similar feature, including the ability to get system diagnostics from any device, including details about the CPU, RAM, and network, without starting a remote session.

In GoTo Resolve, automated support session recording is one of the security-focused capabilities that can give a precise record of every chat and screen activity for training and auditing requirements. Using recording controls, account managers can select which sessions are automatically recorded. However, DRE includes features that allow you to identify problems and have a visual reference, By letting you take screenshots of the remote desktop and save them to your computer.

The Verdict

Overall, the two products have very similar features available to them. Similarly, both products have recently gone through somewhat of an evolution: Dameware Remote Everywhere being a cloud-based expansion on the existing Dameware Remote Support product—while LogMeIn recently rebranded their products towards the new lineup of ‘GoTo’ products, with GoTo Resolve being at the forefront of this shift.

This means that the two products occupy a similar place within the market, which makes these kinds of comparisons difficult. Therefore, the best approach is likely going to be one based purely on cost evaluation. Fortunately, in terms of costs, they’re both aimed in different directions. GoTo Resolve is likely going to be the cheapest option for smaller teams, while Dameware Remote Everywhere will likely end up being the cheapest option for larger teams. Your results may vary in this regard; contact both and get quotes for your exact needs.

This is where free trials are also critical. Fortunately, both products offer 14-day free trials to test them in your working environment—many other remote support solutions don’t include free trials, so when allowed to test them out, it’s a wise decision to give them a thorough run-through.

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