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ConnectWise Control 2023 Review

ConnectWise Control Review

Scott Pickard UPDATED: May 12, 2023

Dig into the details of this impressive remote access and support product.

ConnectWise Control is a comprehensive remote access and support system that enables organizations to give remote support to their customers, workers, and partners easily and securely. ConnectWise Control, with its extensive set of features and capabilities, enables users to connect to remote devices and provide help from anywhere in the world.

In this review, we will examine ConnectWise Control's core features and capabilities, such as its remote access and support tools, security features, customization choices, integrations, and more. We'll look at the platform's user experience, performance, and pricing, as well as its reporting and analytics capabilities, as well as its administration and management tools. At the end of this review, you'll have a solid knowledge of what ConnectWise Control has to offer and whether it's the right fit for your company's remote assistance needs. So, let's get started and explore what ConnectWise Control has to offer.

Remote Access & Support

ConnectWise Remote Access & Support

ConnectWise Control offers a safe and dependable remote access and support solution. Whether you're trying to help your employees or clients, ConnectWise Control makes it simple to connect to their devices and take control to resolve issues.

The ease with which you may establish a remote connection is one of ConnectWise Control's notable features. Once the client is installed on the target device, you can quickly connect to it via the web-based console. You can then take command of the device and carry out a variety of operations, such as installing software, running diagnostic tests, and diagnosing problems.

In addition to remote access, ConnectWise Control contains several collaboration capabilities that make it simple to collaborate with others during a remote session. Other team members or stakeholders can be invited to attend the session and collaborate in real time. This is especially helpful when dealing with complex issues that require input from numerous parties.

ConnectWise Control also includes several tools and features that make managing remote sessions simple. You may establish and manage device groups, configure access controls and permissions, and track usage across your organization. This is especially beneficial for large enterprises with many remote connections to manage.

Overall, ConnectWise Control is a fantastic remote access and support solution. It is an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes due to its ease of use, collaboration tools, and security capabilities. Whether you need to provide remote help to employees or clients, ConnectWise Control delivers a dependable and secure platform.


ConnectWise Control provides extensive customization and branding choices, making it simple to build a one-of-a-kind and personalized experience for your clients and staff. You may customize the look and feel of your remote support sessions to match your company's logo and style using a variety of customization choices.

The ability to fully personalize the interface of the web-based console is one of ConnectWise Control's distinguishing features. To create a personalized look and feel for your remote meetings, you can upload your own logo and select from a variety of color schemes and themes. This can help your firm project a professional and consistent image, especially while offering remote service.

Another key customization feature is the ability to create your own branding URL. This allows you to create a custom domain name for your remote sessions, such as support.yourcompany.com. This not only provides a more professional appearance but also makes it easier for your clients or employees to remember the URL for future use. ConnectWise Control also allows you to completely modify the customer client application. You can upload your own logo, change the colors, and customize the language, welcome message, and other options. This contributes to a consistent branding experience for your clients, even when they use the client app on their own devices.

ConnectWise Control allows businesses with more complex customization requirements to establish bespoke scripts and integrations. This enables you to design unique workflows and automate specific tasks during remote assistance sessions. You can also integrate with a variety of third-party products and services to provide a unified experience for your customers or staff.

ConnectWise Control's customization features are a big asset of the platform. ConnectWise Control offers a high level of customization and flexibility, whether you want to establish a uniform branding experience, automate specific processes, or interact with other tools and services. You can adapt the platform to match the specific demands of your company by selecting from a variety of alternatives.

Security & Compliance

ConnectWise Security & Compliance

ConnectWise Control takes security and compliance extremely seriously, providing a variety of tools to keep your data safe and secure. To safeguard your remote sessions and data, the platform employs industry-standard encryption and a variety of security protections.

End-to-end encryption is one of ConnectWise Control's core security features. SSL encryption is used to protect all remote sessions, guaranteeing that all data exchanged between the remote device and the client application is secure and secret. This encryption protects critical information, such as passwords and personal information, from unauthorized parties.

Access control and authentication are also included in ConnectWise Control. To guarantee that only authorized people have access to remote sessions, you can configure separate user roles and permissions. Two-factor authentication is also available on the site, adding an extra layer of security to prevent illegal access.

ConnectWise Control also complies with several industry norms and standards, in addition to these security features. The platform is entirely HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC 2 Type II compliant, which is critical for enterprises that must adhere to stringent regulatory regulations. Compliance with these standards helps to ensure that your firm is legally compliant and that sensitive data is not accessed by unauthorized parties.

Monitoring and auditing capabilities are another important security element of ConnectWise Control. You can track and troubleshoot difficulties by monitoring all remote sessions in real-time and accessing full logs. This not only improves security but also provides useful insights into the platform's performance and reliability.

The security and compliance features make it a highly safe and dependable platform for remote access and assistance. You can be confident that your data is safe and secure thanks to a comprehensive set of encryption, access control, and monitoring capabilities. Additionally, the platform is entirely compliant with industry laws, guaranteeing that you remain legally compliant and prevent costly penalties or legal troubles.

Administration & Management

ConnectWise Administration & Management

ConnectWise Control includes several useful tools for managing and administering remote assistance sessions. The platform includes an easy-to-use web-based console that allows you to manage and monitor your remote support sessions from any location and device.

The ease of use of the ConnectWise Control management console is a fundamental feature. The interface is simple and easy to use, allowing you to effortlessly navigate and manage your remote assistance sessions. The console offers a variety of tools and services, such as session history, user administration, and reporting, all from one spot.

ConnectWise Control also includes user management tools that allow you to manage and monitor access to your remote support sessions. To ensure that your remote support sessions are secure and compliant, you may create user accounts, give roles and permissions, and monitor user activity.

ConnectWise Control's reporting capabilities are another important element. The platform includes several pre-built reports, such as session history, usage statistics, and billing reports, which allow you to simply monitor and track your support sessions. You can also tailor your reports to your individual needs and specifications. ConnectWise Control also includes several automation capabilities to help you optimize your workflows and boost your productivity. Routine operations, such as session creation and completion, can be automated, and custom workflows can be built up to automate more complicated procedures.

ConnectWise Control offers a variety of administrative console customization choices, allowing you to create a unique and professional experience for your clients and workers. You can change the console's branding and colors, establish your own custom URLs, and even upload your own custom logo.

Reporting & Analytics

ConnectWise Reporting & Analytics

Users may measure usage, monitor performance, and generate reports on remote assistance sessions with ConnectWise Control's powerful reporting and analytics tools. The platform includes several pre-built reports that can be tailored to the needs of individual users or organizations.

Users can generate session reports by date range, user, group, or machine to track usage and monitor performance. The reports provide information such as the number of sessions, session durations, average duration, and other details. Users can export the reports to CSV, Excel, or PDF format to share the information with others in their business.

ConnectWise Control also includes comprehensive analytics tools, such as the ability to monitor and analyze user behavior, track the use of certain features and services, and provide thorough performance reports. Users can utilize this to detect trends and patterns, diagnose problems, and make informed decisions about how to best use the platform.

The platform also integrates with major reporting and analytics tools like Tableau and Power BI, allowing users to mix data from ConnectWise Control with data from other sources to produce more powerful and intelligent insights. This can assist users in gaining a more complete view of their organization's operations, identifying areas for development, and making data-driven decisions.

ConnectWise Control also provides several report and analytics customization possibilities. Users can create custom reports and dashboards, as well as alter the fields and data in the reports. This enables users to construct reports tailored to their individual needs and requirements, as well as greater freedom in how data is presented and evaluated.

In addition to reporting and analytics, ConnectWise Control provides real-time monitoring and notifications to keep customers informed about the platform's performance. Users can configure alerts based on specific criteria such as session time, user activity, or machine utilization and receive messages through email or text messages.

User Experience

ConnectWise Control is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, offering a straightforward interface for remote access and support. The platform provides a range of features to enhance the user experience and make it easy to provide support to your clients and employees. One of the standout features of ConnectWise Control is its cross-platform compatibility. The platform is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. This makes it easy for your clients or employees to access remote support sessions from any device, anywhere in the world.

ConnectWise Control also includes several collaboration and communication tools to aid in the support process. During the remote assistance session, you can communicate with your clients or workers via chat and audio/video calling. This can increase communication and shorten the time it takes to address problems.

The platform also has several remote access options that allow you to remotely control your client's or employee's device and perform actions. This is very beneficial for debugging and resolving difficulties that cannot be resolved via chat or other forms of communication. Unattended access is another important aspect of ConnectWise Control. This allows you to connect to remote devices without requiring user input or authorization. Even when the user is not online, this might be useful for completing routine maintenance or upgrades.

ConnectWise Control also includes several customization options to improve the user experience. You can personalize the web-based interface, as well as establish your own branded URL and client application. These capabilities might assist you in providing a personalized and professional experience for your clients or staff.

Mobile Compatibility

It is critical to be able to assist when on the move. ConnectWise Control has several capabilities that allow you to deliver remote help to your clients or workers from any location and on any device. The platform works with a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets running the iOS and Android operating systems. This means you may utilize your mobile device to access remote support sessions or even deliver on-the-go support to clients or workers.

ConnectWise Control also includes mobile-specific capabilities to improve the user experience. Remote support sessions can be accessed from your mobile device via the same simple interface as the web-based console. This enables you to remotely operate your client's or employee's device, perform activities, and diagnose difficulties from your mobile device.

In addition, the platform offers a variety of collaboration and communication options for mobile devices. Even if you are on the go, you may engage with your clients or workers via chat and audio/video calling during the remote assistance session. The touch-optimized interface is another essential aspect of ConnectWise Control's mobile adaptability. The platform is intended to work in tandem with touch-screen devices, resulting in a more natural and intuitive user experience. This is especially beneficial when offering assistance on a mobile device when touchscreen input is the major mode of engagement.

ConnectWise Control also offers a variety of mobile device customization possibilities. You can change the client application's branding and colors, build your own branding URL, and even upload your own custom logo. These features might assist you in providing a professional and personalized experience for your clients or workers.


ConnectWise Control is built to interact smoothly with a variety of third-party programs, allowing you to streamline your workflow and increase your productivity. The platform integrates with a variety of popular tools and applications, including CRMs, help desk software, and project management tools.

ConnectWise Control's interaction with ConnectWise Manage is one of its most notable features. ConnectWise Manage is a complete PSA (Professional Services Automation) application that offers a variety of company administration functions such as time tracking, invoicing and project management. The combination of ConnectWise Control and ConnectWise Manage allows you to streamline your support procedures by allowing data to flow seamlessly between the two platforms.

ConnectWise Control also works with a variety of other major help desk software applications, including Zendesk and ServiceNow. These interfaces allow you to give remote support directly from the help desk software interface, reducing the need to transfer between programs. Another important integration for ConnectWise Control is with Microsoft Teams, which allows you to start remote support sessions directly from the Microsoft Teams UI.

ConnectWise Control also has an open API that you may use to create your own integrations with other tools and applications. This is especially valuable for firms that have specialized workflows or specific requirements that existing integrations do not meet.


ConnectWise Control has a variety of price plans to suit the demands of organizations of all sizes. Pricing options are depending on the number of concurrent sessions and users, and they contain a variety of features and perks. ConnectWise Control provides a free trial, so you can try the platform before committing to a paying subscription. The free trial lasts 14 days and gives you access to all the platform's features and capabilities.

ConnectWise Control pricing plans begin at around $27 per month for a single user with the capacity to host one concurrent session. The price rises as the number of concurrent sessions and users increases, with the highest tier plan allowing for up to 50 concurrent sessions and unlimited users.

ConnectWise Control offers a variety of add-ons and integrations that can be added to your subscription to provide more functionality and capabilities in addition to the basic pricing levels. Integrations with PSA and RMM tools, as well as extra security and compliance features, are among the add-ons.

Ultimately, ConnectWise Control pricing is competitive and clear, with a variety of plans and add-ons to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Before committing to a premium subscription, use the free trial to evaluate the platform and check that it fulfills your needs.


ConnectWise Control is an all-in-one remote access and support solution with a plethora of features and capabilities. Its user-friendly design, comprehensive range of integrations, and powerful customization possibilities make it a popular choice for enterprises of all kinds.

We have thoroughly examined the essential features and capabilities of ConnectWise Control throughout this evaluation. The platform provides a full collection of solutions for enterprises wishing to optimize their remote support operations, including remote access and support tools, customization choices, security measures, and reporting and analytics capabilities.

The ease of use of ConnectWise Control is one of its most notable characteristics. The platform's short setup process and clear UI make it simple for customers to get started and begin delivering remote help quickly. Users can also adjust the platform's customization choices to their individual demands and requirements, giving them more freedom and control.

ConnectWise Control also includes powerful security features and compliance controls, guaranteeing that enterprises can provide remote support while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. The platform's reporting and analytics capabilities, as well as real-time monitoring and alerts, give customers the tools they need to monitor performance, discover problems, and make data-driven decisions about how to best use the platform.

However, there are a few potential drawbacks to the platform that should be taken into account. One disadvantage is the cost, which can be somewhat high when compared to other remote assistance alternatives on the market. Another issue is the lack of a built-in knowledge base, which makes it more difficult for users to give self-service support.

Despite these drawbacks, ConnectWise Control remains a robust and complete remote access and support solution suitable for enterprises of all sizes. Its extensive collection of features, customization options, and integrations make it a versatile and adaptable tool that can be adjusted to the unique requirements of every organization. Furthermore, the platform's security and compliance controls give users the confidence they need to securely conduct remote assistance while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.