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Cade Network Diagram Software Download

Cade Network Diagramming tool

Jeff Parker

Cade Network Diagram tool is a very compact (18.4MB Download size) 2D Vector editing Software package that was reviewed in our Top 10 Network Diagram Software article.

It has many of the same functionalities as Visio with the ability to create Network Diagrams, Flow charts, Maps, Schemas and much more.

The software comes prepackaged with Vector Images, Shapes and Blocks to allow you to begin drawing immediately.

Main differences between Cade and other Network diagramming tools are as follows:

  • Cade is absolutely FREE
  • Web based Integration and Collaboration capabilities.
  • Compact and Small Footprint, with a download size of 18.4 MB.
  • Optimized and Programmed for Large Scale Vector/Cad Drawings

Cade also has a Server branch of its software to all additional features to be used with the software package including managing Users, Projects and Permissions, along with a Web client to allow viewing of Drawings through a Web Browser.

Cade Network diagram software


This software package has basic functionality for a Very good Price, FREE.

It also has the ability to be used through the internet for colloborative remote work and sharing of drawings and such.

Also comes with Pre-bundled Blocks, shapes and Network/Internet Vector images for a drag-n-drop build. Great Export features including exporting to a CAD format.


The interface almost looks outdated, like a Microsoft Office 2003 type of interface.

Very little documentation on their official Website, in particular about Automatic Network Scanning and diagramming.


This Software is FREE to use and there is a PRO version of it as well that will run you $387.00 and gives you the added functionality of being able to export to DGN, DXF/DWG, PDF, JPG and EMF formats.


For being Free, this is a very basic Program to get your Network Drawings and Diagrams created quickly.

We would recommend something like this for a very small network where you don't need Automatic scan functionality, where it seems to lack quite a bit.



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