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9 Best CSPM Tools

Best CSPM Tools

John Cirelly UPDATED: June 22, 2022

Cloud computing and cloud storage are quickly becoming an organization's most important pillars. They are put to use and improved upon so that the customers' data can remain safe and intact.

This not only eliminates the requirement for the company's urgent need to have data backed up in hard drives but also contributes to extending the life of the data by reducing the amount of data that is lost over time. As a result, technologies for managing cloud security posture play an important part in the whole picture.

As a result, the vital data belonging to the company are now vulnerable to attack. To protect a company's data, solutions for cloud security management do scans to look for data breaches and misconfigurations. The following is a list of the CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) Top Tools that are now on the market for your selection.

Here is our list of the nine best CSPM tools:

  1. CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon This CSPM tool will detect misconfigurations as they happen, allowing you to lessen the impact they have on your network's security. In addition to this, it assures compliance, gets rid of blind spots, and functions well across a variety of cloud platforms.
  2. Datadog The Cloud Security and Policy Manager (CSPM) from Datadog performs persistent scans of the settings across cloud accounts, hosts, and containers to locate any holes or vulnerabilities. The deployment process is streamlined as a result, and the overall security of your cloud infrastructure is improved.
  3. CloudGuard Posture Management A package that combines CSPM and workload protection, and can be used for live system monitoring in addition to the development process.
  4. Fugue This enterprise CSPM solution handles cloud security from the angle of software engineering and assists engineers in building security into environments that are hosted in the cloud.
  5. Trend Micro Conformity This platform performs real-time monitoring of your cloud infrastructure and automatically remediates any measures that need to be taken to ensure compliance, security, and governance of your cloud assets.
  6. Ermetic This CSPM solution emphasizes identification first and offers safety across many clouds for your cloud environment. This simple-to-deploy SaaS solution makes it possible for security and DevOps to collaborate without any problems.
  7. BMC Helix Cloud Security It automates cloud setup security checks and remediation without requiring any sort of coding, making it possible for services such as Infrastructure as a Service to be provided (IaaS).
  8. Palo Alto Prisma Cloud This service provides logging for compliance purposes in addition to specializing in cloud storage systems and the access permissions that operate on those systems.
  9. Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform You get continuous security monitoring as well as analyses of your system's vulnerabilities when you use this platform of security systems.

The Best CSPM Tools

1. CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon

CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon

The elimination of security blind spots is accomplished through the use of agentless cloud-native protection that performs continuous analysis of your environment for misconfigurations. You will have complete visibility into your multi-cloud environment with the help of CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon, which offers a single source of truth for cloud resources.

Key Features:

  • Ongoing and intelligent monitoring of cloud resources.
  • Deployment of cloud applications that are safe and offer enhanced speed and effectiveness.
  • Unified visibility and control across all of the different cloud environments.
  • Address any concerns regarding the network's security.
  • Assist developers in preventing them from making expensive mistakes.
  • A reduction in alert fatigue is one of the goals of threat detection.
  • There is no disruption caused by the integration with SIEM solutions.

You will not only gain helpful information and insights into your overall security posture, but you will also receive guidance on how to avoid future security difficulties. This is a significant benefit. This tool's most notable function is that it gives you full insight into all cloud-native assets across your whole cloud architecture, even if those assets are dispersed across more than one cloud environment.

This is the tool's most notable feature. This not only provides broad context and insight into your security decisions but also assists you in taking the required actions to ensure the security of your cloud. This CSPM program will automatically find devices that are not being protected by it and will notify you to take immediate action. Falcon Horizon's automated discovery helps to ensure that there are no unmonitored devices or blind spots in your cloud architecture. This is accomplished by ensuring that there are no unmonitored devices.

2. Datadog

Datadog Database Query Metrics

The Datadog monitoring software is offered both as an on-premises installation and as a service hosted in the cloud (SaaS). Windows, Linux, and macOS X are all supported operating systems by Datadog. Several cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Red Hat OpenShift, and Google Cloud Platform, are supported.

Key Features:

  • Delivers a consolidated perspective of an IT/DevOps team's underlying infrastructure.
  • Dashboards that are modifiable to the user's specifications.
  • In reaction to significant issues, alerts are disseminated to the appropriate parties.
  • There is support for over 250 different product integrations.
  • Logs, error rates, and latency measurements are all automatically gathered and examined.
  • Gives you access to use the API.
  • Software written in Java, Python, PHP,.NET, Go, Node, and Ruby, among other languages, is supported.

The user interface consists of dashboards that can be personalized to provide graphs that are constructed from a variety of data sources in real-time. Consumers may also be notified by Datadog whenever there are performance issues with any collection of metrics, such as compute rates, if the situation warrants it.

This configuration security patch management tool gives you full visibility of your settings at any moment. With this access, you will be able to answer some important questions such as the configuration of your S3 bucket over the past month, the status of your Kubernetes containers, and many more. In addition to this, it offers a more accurate context for your arrangement.

Only in the event of significant configuration errors will Datadog's CSPM allow you to send individualized notifications to the relevant teams. If it is necessary, you can even adjust its settings to cause it to issue alerts at the account or service level.

3. CloudGuard Posture Management

CloudGuard Posture Management

Your security posture can be seen with the assistance of CloudGuard Posture Management, which also automates governance and compliance across several cloud services. It is an additional reliable security tool that assists in locating misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and threats in a system. In addition, it protects the sensitive data you have by enforcing the best security practices and rules across all of the numerous projects, accounts, and virtual networks you have.

Key Features:

  • Conducts audits to find an improper activity.
  • Cloud intrusion detection.
  • Defends against dangers that come from within.
  • Offers notifications in real-time.
  • Provides safety for the workload as well as application security.

Users are also able to scale across many cloud platforms with CloudGuard Dome9, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It is a cutting-edge service that guards the information of your firm from any risks posed by employees from within.

Another justification for including the CSPM tool on the list is that CloudGuard Dome9 is a quick and efficient cloud security platform that makes compliance and governance a breeze. Control is provided over IAM users and roles by CloudGuard Posture Management. As a result, granular permissions in multi-cloud settings may be easily managed by administrators.

4. Fugue


Cloud security and compliance platform Fugue uses a uniform policy engine that is powered by the Open Policy Agent to protect all stages of the software development lifecycle (OPA). The security and cloud engineering teams can work more efficiently thanks to Fugue since it increases their level of trust in the cloud's security. Users can use Fugue to perform pre-deployment security checks on CloudFormation, AWS, Kubernetes manifests, and docker files, and receive actionable remedial feedback via developer-friendly tools. Fugue is available to users on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

Key Features:

  • Enables customers to safeguard CloudFormation throughout the entirety of the improvement process.
  • Is governed by a centralized policy framework.
  • Organizations can reliably employ compliance and security measures.
  • It gives consumers advanced tools for both visualizing data and reporting on it.
  • Customers can better protect their CloudFormation thanks to the Regula policy engine in Fugue.

Several industry-leading platforms, including Slack, Jira, OpsGenie, and ServiceNow, are among those that interface effectively with Fugue. Ticketing and messaging throughout the company are streamlined as a result.

This platform performs continuous monitoring of your platform and keeps track of any configuration changes as well as potential vulnerabilities. It even uses guardrails to protect critical resources, preventing unwanted access to information and data. In addition, Fugue continuously compares its performance to previously defined baselines to spot any potential vulnerabilities.

5. Trend Micro Conformity

Trend Micro Conformity

The Trend Micro Conformity CSPM tool is all-encompassing cloud security and policy management solution that continuously monitors your cloud environment to ensure regulatory compliance and good governance for your cloud infrastructure. It comes equipped with a plethora of capabilities that can cater to the requirements of various groups operating inside your corporation.

Key Features:

  • Complete and all-encompassing visibility.
  • Completely Computerized compliance audits.
  • Encourages the adoption of a DevOps culture.
  • Remediates misconfigurations.

Correcting incorrect setups is the area of expertise of Trend Micro Conformity. It performs ongoing monitoring of your infrastructure and, if there are any misconfigurations, it delivers real-time notifications together with information providing context about the issue. All of this makes it easier for the different teams to address the problems as quickly as possible.

Overall, Trend Micro Conformity is equipped with a wide variety of cutting-edge capabilities that make it possible to enforce security, governance, and compliance throughout the entirety of your cloud architecture. Even the reports required for compliance and internal auditing are produced by it automatically.

6. Ermetic


Ermetic is a Cloud Security Policy Manager (CSPM) that puts identity first and offers protection for multi-cloud environments. This software as a service solution controls your cloud assets, finds abnormalities and misconfigurations, ensures compliance, and lets the security and DevOps teams collaborate more effectively.

Key Features:

  • Allows for the automation of cloud compliance.
  • Combines CIEM and CSPM into a single system.
  • Identity-centric.

Overall, Ermetic is a powerful cloud security and privacy management application that offers thorough protection for your cloud assets and identities. It does this by combining the functionalities of CIEM and CSPM, which enables it to deliver novel insights regarding security and governance.

This one-of-a-kind piece of software provides comprehensive cloud security by integrating both the CIEM and the CSPM programs. These two tools each tackle the issue of security from a unique perspective.

7. BMC Helix Cloud Security

BMC Helix Cloud Security

BMC Helix Cloud Security can automate cloud configuration security checks and remediation without requiring any coding on the part of the user. This makes it possible for services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to have a secure and consistent set up along with an audit trail.

Key Features:

  • BMC Helix Cloud Security streamlines the process of managing the cloud's security posture.
  • Self-driving remediation, automatic remediation with an easy user interface, and self-driving remediation.
  • Support for customized remediation is all features included in the software.
  • BMC Helix Cloud Security has policies available for use.

BMC Helix Cloud Security can improve governance while simultaneously lowering risk since it integrates compliance and security testing into service delivery and cloud operations.

Integrating incident and change management in a closed-loop not only ensures that everything runs well but also makes it possible for scrum teams to simply manage their security posture while adhering to governance guidelines. Facilitate agility rather than obstruct it. If you have access to a large amount of content, you can start safeguarding your cloud footprint in as little as five minutes.

8. Prisma Cloud

Prisma Cloud

Prisma Cloud is an industry-leading cloud-native security technology that provides unparalleled visibility and protection across many cloud computing environments, including Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Additionally, with the utilization of its superior functionality, it offers protection against unwelcome dangers. Container image sandboxing is a new function that has been added to the industry-leading CSPM tool. This feature aids in the detection of potential security risks by evaluating all of the files, processes, and pre-deployments of network activity.

Key Features:

  • Preserves the natural growth of cloud-based systems.
  • Detection of the exfiltration of data from networks.
  • The application of policies governing governance.
  • Conducts scans for malicious software on shared cloud storage.
  • Offers comprehensive runtime protection for the entire stack.
  • Guards the workload in the cloud, the network, and the security posture.

Using Prisma cloud, developers can locate and eradicate cloud blind spots in their applications. In addition, with the assistance of the Prisma cloud, the load of alert weariness is also significantly decreased.

With its single-agent structure, Prisma Cloud provides full control over public cloud environments, hosts, containers, and other platforms, making it an ideal solution for all of your cloud security requirements. It delivers full-stack runtime protection, full network visibility, and support for API security as well as container security.

Prisma Cloud is a good option to go with if you are seeking a CSPM tool that can maintain compliance across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud settings.

9. Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform

Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform

Threat Stack is a cloud service provider management (CSPM) platform that enables visibility across cloud management consoles, apps, and infrastructure. It was developed for current applications and cloud-native architecture. It is a widely used platform that operates in the cloud and provides assistance to businesses in identifying, prioritizing, and reacting to both real-time and unforeseen threats.

Key Features:

  • Security for the application and infrastructure.
  • Encourages compliance with IAM policies.
  • Accessibility to both on-premises and cloud-based instances.
  • Guarantees complete safety and adherence to regulations across the whole cloud infrastructure.
  • Compatible with a variety of third-party security operations tools.
  • Offers protection for both containerized applications and Kubernetes.

In addition, it offers improved outcomes for customers through its essential capabilities and sophisticated features, which include, amongst others, Vulnerability Assessment, Policy Management, Configuration Auditing, and Incident Management.

Machine learning, rules, and the integration of full-stack telemetry are the foundation of Threat Stack's one-of-a-kind strategy for securing cloud environments. It is also capable of supporting CloudTrail monitoring and IAM controls, making it one of the most effective solutions for protecting application infrastructure.

Threat Stack is an excellent choice for your company if you are searching for a CSPM tool that can respond to known as well as unknown vulnerabilities and threats. If this describes what you need, read on.

Best CSPM Tools: Editor’s Choice

The CSPM tool that is greatest for you is going to depend on the unique needs you have in contrast to the tool that handles these pain areas the best. After you have narrowed your choices down to a few instruments that have capabilities that are comparable to one another, the price will be the decisive factor.

CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon is our top choice as it is meant to maximize client visibility into real-time and historical endpoint security events by capturing event data necessary to identify, understand, and respond to threats. This is accomplished through the use of event data collection.