Author: Ilija Miljkovac

Ilija Miljkovac


Nagios VS Datadog

Both Nagios and Datadog are big names in the network monitoring world. Deciding which of these two titans to use is a big decision for any company. Datadog subscribes to…


PRTG Network Monitor Vs Datadog

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor and Datadog are two of the most well-known network monitoring software on the market today. With the market as crowded as it is today, everyone’s doing…


PagerDuty Vs Datadog

Datadog and PagerDuty are often compared to each other as if they were competitors. However, these two tools are best used together rather than compared separately, as they’re fundamentally different…


ManageEngine Applications Manager Vs Datadog

Both Datadog and ManageEngine Applications Manager are well-known in the cybersecurity world as some of the top network monitoring software out there. However, seeing as the market for network security…


Graylog vs Datadog

Datadog is a well-established network monitoring software. Graylog is mainly a log management tool; however, the up-and-coming star is getting compared to the bigger tools more and more often. With…


Jitter And Latency

It’s quite common for jitter and latency to get confused with one another, or even regarded as the same thing, however, they are innately distinct. Simply put, latency describes the…


Hyper-V Networking Guide

If you’re a beginner at Hyper-V and need some help with configuring your network, or maybe you’re just interested in networking with virtualization software, then this is the article for…


What is UAC Virtualization?

UAC Virtualization is an often forgotten bit of Windows history. It is one of the sleekest quick solutions to a digital problem to be created, and it is still available…


Raspbian – Raspberry Pi OS Guide

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer originating in the UK initially made to provide cheap computers for educational purposes. However, since the release of the Raspberry Pi, it has…

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