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Hitesh J

Hitesh Jethva is a senior writer at and He is graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and combines his love of technology with writing. He is an expert in Linux, Security, DevOps, and Cloud Computing. He is writing Linux-related stuff and reviewing different software products like Firewall, Cloud services, Security, Applications, and more.

He has over 12+ years of experience in Linux, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing. Prior to working for and, Hitesh wrote Linux and Security blogs for leading websites including, HowtoForge, AlibabaCloud, DigitalOcean, Dzone, Vultr, Linode, and more. His Linux-related blogs and articles helped millions of people to make complicated stuff easier.

Hitesh also got a Most Valuable Person (MVP) award from Alibaba Cloud three times to grow the AlibabaCloud community.

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