Zabbix vs Nagios Comparison, Which is Better for Network Monitoring?

nagios vs zabbix comparison table

When looking for a complete comparison of the differences between these two open-source products, there are some basic functions that we need that we need to take into account and understand why they are necessary for a network monitoring solution.

Here is a Comparison of the Zabbix vs Nagios:

Protocol Monitoring:
Alerting/Notifications :YesYes
Web/Mobile Interface:YesYes
Auto-Discovery and Topology:NoYes
Wizard Setup:NoYes
Per-User Views:NoYes
Network/Custom Maps:NoYes
Advanced Web Config Wizards:NoYes
Import Active Directory Information:YesYes
LDAP Information ImportsYesYes
Advanced Performance Graphs/Charts:NoYes
Time Graphs:YesYes
Export Data:YesYes
Advanced/Custom ReportsYesYes
Bandwidth and Executive Summary Reports:via APIYes
Agent/Agentless MonitoringYesYes
Multi-tenant/Distributed Monitoring:YesYes
Native Solaris and Oracle Extensions:NoYes
Flapping Detection:NoYes
Commercial Support:YesYes
Comprehensive DocumentationNoYes
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As you can see from the table above, Zabbix doesn't have nearly the amount of features and outright support as Nagios does, and at times, documentation can sometimes be a little spotty and outdated. Many of the questions from the above table were answered throughout their forums or simply where available in their documentation.

One of the major features that we've used in network environments that many admins are looking for is automatic network discovery and topology. Zabbix definitely lacks in that area and we all know that networks evolve daily with the rise of BYOD cultures starting to make their way into every business.

Nagios definitely comes out the clear winner in this comparison guide, as they offer a very good support and some advanced features that Zabbix has not yet been able to offer.


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