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Syxsense Review – Patch Management, Security & Vulnerability Scanning & EDR

syxsense review

Marc Wilson UPDATED: October 13, 2022

Syxsense is a Cloud based patch management solution that is geared towards both SMB's and Large enterprises.

It gives you a complete overview of your networks in real-time, as well as the piece of mind of not having to worry about cumbersome hardware solution to install it on, as this tool is Natively Cloud based.

About the Company

Syxsense is based out of Aliso Viejo, California and dubs itself to be the “world's first IT and security-solution provider” to offer an array of services for keeping your networks safe and updated at all times.

They provide a wide variety of services and products including:

  • Patch Management Solution
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Syxsense deploys AI within their security teams to analyze, predict and detect threats before they even happen or are exploited. They secure endpoints within the network and on the perimeter of your networks, as well as in the Cloud, to ensure complete coverage and visibility into your infrastructure.

Their products and services have been used by over 500 Companies with upwards to 100,000 Endpoints being managed and monitored. Sysxsense has office in 4 Countries around the world and 12 Partners in 9 countries throughout the world, giving them an advantage for providing excellent service and support when needed.

Their products coverage a multiple of industries and they provide solutions for many of the most critical infrastructure industries in the world including (but not limited to):

  • Government Branches
  • Educational Organizations
  • Utilities Companies & Providers
  • Health Care Providers
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Firms
  • Manufacturing & Retail Companies
  • and many more!

Products they Offer

Syxsense has a well-rounded portfolio of products that give you full visibility into your infrastructure due to their Native Cloud platform that gives you insights in Real-time!

Being Natively deployed in the cloud has given them the leverage to Scale very quickly and get a better overview of the Security and Visibility of networks on both sides of the “perimeter”.

cloud deployment

Syxsense Secure

Syxsense Secure Screenshot

This tool gives you a dashboard for ensuring all endpoints within your environment are secure, patched and quarantined if necessary.

This software combines IT Management with a Security solution to ensure your protected at all times.

Services included with this tool are Vulnerability scanning, Patch Management and EDR features and capabilities from within your Dashboard console.


Find More Information:



Syxsense Manage

Syxsense Manage gives you the ability to get a full overview your Endpoints and Manage all those endpoints within your Network perimeter and Outside of it.

patch and vulnerbability scanning and management

This tool gives you insights into devices within or outside of your network at a granular level including (but not limited to):

  • Operating System
  • Hardware
  • Software Inventory on the Device

You can see a full screenshot of the Device Dashboard below to get a better understanding of the tool and the granularity it provides.

agentsThis tool further lets you Scan and Prioritize Patching of Systems and Devices, as well as updating systems based on security Risk levels. Further more, you can track your Systems' Patches along with their corresponding severity levels and exploited vulnerabilities that are found by Syxsense.

Installation is breeze using the provider agents for your corresponding Operating systems and can be quickly deployed via Scripts or Group policy if you wish.


Find More Information:



Syxsense Active Manage

Syxsense Active Manage Product gives you a Real-time security experience as a Managed Service. This tool gives your 24-hour coverage and along with Compliance regulation protocols.

Features include with this product include (but are not limited to) some of the following options.

Device Location Maps (Live View)

Device location maps give you approximate location of your devices on a World Map (powered by Google) so you know exactly where your device is geographically located.

real-time map

Network & Site Maps

This view creates a network map of your devices that are on your network and gives you an overview of their network placement, as seen in the screenshot below.

network maps

Threat Alerting and Quarantine

This section gives you an overview of all threats currently present and a quick and easy way to Quarantine those devices if they meet your criteria of your Alert Monitor.

alerting dashboard

Real-time IT Management

real-time it management

Manage End-points in Real-time using the “Realtime” Dashboard that you can simply enter a command or ask a question in the search bar and instantly get an answer.

This RealTime IT Management gives you the quickest path to administration of most tools we've seen out there, giving you as the admin the power to do a multitude of tasks from 1 dashbaord.

Some Features of this tool include:

  • Checking Hardware health
  • Check Free Disk Space
  • Check RAM Usage
  • Check CPU Health
  • Check Registry Query
  • See a Network Map
  • Find out Where your Devices are Located in the world
  • Scan All Systems
  • Patch All Systems
  • Patch Critical Systems
  • Check the Status of both Bitlocker & Windows Firewall
  • Find Process by Hash & Find Users Accounts
  • Check if a Process is Running
  • Find Specific Files
  • Find Specific Software
  • Find the Top Software used
  • Find Software that is setup to Start with PC

and many other functions.

For a full list of features and capabilities, have a look at their product page below:


Syxsense Active Secure

Syxsense Active Secure product gives you the peace of mind that your systems are covered with their Cyber Assurance team freeing up in-house resources and admins from having to monitor cyber threats within and outside of your perimeter.

Their Active Secure product gives you the confidence to continue business as usual with they work in the background to continually minimize Zero-day threats, attacks and maintain your compliance standards to the highest degree possible.

Customers who participate in Active Secure are given priority support via Phone, Chat and Email, as well as in-depth training and 10 Hours of on-boarding with live humans walking your through the whole process from their end.

This solution offers end-to-end Vulnerability scanning features, patch management and as an added bonus, Endpoint Detection and Response all bundled into this solution.

Some features this product gives us include the following (not limited to these):

  • Automatic Device Discovery
  • Hardware & Software Inventory
  • OS & Third-Party Patching (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc)
  • Voice/AI Support
  • Audit Log & Patch Reports
  • Agent/Agentless Monitoring capabilities
  • Maintenance Windows
  • Software Inventory and Distribution
  • End User Access Rights
  • Device Tools
  • Wake-on-LAN and Remote Computer Control
  • Historical Inventory
  • Patch Management & Custom Patches
  • ogical Air Gap Relay
  • Unlimited Console User Accounts
  • Live Onboarding & Training (10 Hrs as mentioned above)
  • 100GB of Cloud Package Storage


  • Monitoring performance, health, and security metrics for acr
  • Supports automated remediation via automated scripting
  • Can be installed on Windows, Linux, or Mac
  • Offers autodiscovery of new network devices for easy inventory management
  • The dashboard is intuitive and easy to manage devices in


  • Would like to see a longer trial period for testing

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Conclusion and Review of Syxsense

All in all, this solution is very well thoughtout and executed. They have a very diverse team that stands behind their products and the ability to deploy this solution without having to procure hardware is another plus in our book.

The remote control features that you get with this tool give you flexibility in this era of remote and telecommuting employees for quick and easy troubleshooting, patching systems and securing senstive information from outside intruders.

With 100% Visiblity into your Desktops, laptops, servers, VM's wherever they are located, you can keep tabs and minimize risks on those end-points quickly and easily from this tools dashboard.

This software suite not only monitors your internal end-points, but also actively scans threats on the outside of your perimeter to ensure no Zero-day attacks can be launched against your systems.

For some admins and engineers, the thought of sending sensitive information to and from the Cloud is daunting and not something they want to discuss, and rightfully so. Nevertheless, as technology has advanced in these last couple years, IT departments have started to slowly migrate mission criticial components into cloud infrastructures to minimize the costs and procurement process of physical systems pose when hosting in-house.

Syxsense also uses world class encryption when data is transmitted over the wire, by utilizing Fingerprinted Metadata over HTTPS that is checksum verified, it would take 65 million years of computing time to crack these metadate files.

All in all, as we went through this tool, we're pleasantly surprised with the feature rich implementation and the world class support that they offer their clients.

Easy implementation and user-friendly interface make this product very attractive to companies who are looking for a Native cloud solution.

To see more information and learn about their Product, feel free to click on the link below to have a look and start a trial before making any decisions.


Editors Rating

Syxsense is Native Cloud Patch Management, Vulnerability Scanning and EDR system that we've reviewed and would highly recommend for those looking for a Native Cloud solution for their Security and patch manager needs.

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