Best PRTG Alternatives for Network Monitoring & Management

prtg alternative software for network monitoring

Marc Wilson

Finding a suitable alternative to PRTG for network monitoring and management can be tough, but we're hear to simplify the process. We've grabbed the most similar products to PRTG, most of which have the same features and others have more features and better (lower) price points, and listed them below.

Many of these products share the same feature sets as PRTG, including but not limited to the following:

Here's Our Top Recommendation for a PRTG Alternatives or Substitute:

Below you'll find a quick list of all the software packages we'd recommend for a PRTG alternative or replacement altogether. Most of these have Free trial periods along with extensive documentation and tutorials for getting setup within minutes.

  1. Solarwinds NPM (Network Performance Monitor) v12

    Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor really stands out amongst the rest for being at the top of their game in terms of network monitoring and added functionality to their already great product line. Many of you might be familiar with the Solarwinds Orion platform of which all their products integrate into it making it a versatile program for expansion and integration of other services and software they offer.

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    NPM provides the following features:

    • Performance, Fault and Uptime/Downtime Monitoring of Network Assets and Resources (via Netflow, SFlow, SNMP Monitoring, Jflow and much more)
    • Automatic Network Topology Mapping and Drawings (Wired and Wireless discovery and segmentation)
    • NetPath Technology for Hop-by-Hop analysis of Critical Network paths
    • Capacity Forecasting along with Alerting/Reports
    • Hardware Health Stats and Monitoring
    • Performance and Availability Reports
    • Network Performance Base-lining

    Solarwinds Really brings the Best to the Table and is probably the Best substitue for PRTG at the time of this writing.

    Grab a FREE Trial and Get it installed and Setup within Minutes.

  2. Nagios

    Nagios is another great prtg alternative that will help in monitoring your network devices and computers efficiently. The setup is a little different from Solarwinds' offering, as Nagios is actually open source and some admins shy away from that. (We've recently gone through the best nagios alternatives and found out that Solarwinds actually has the functionality to import nagios script natively, which is really convenient). Nagios has some great features that will assit you in moving away from PRTG if that is your goal>

    Nagios has some of the following features:

    • Nagis core for its Monitoring Engine
    • Graphs, Reports and More
    • Automated Capacity Planning for Future Upgrades
    • Custom Config Wizard
    • Manage User Accounts and Custom Roles

    Official Site & Trial Download:

  3. ManageEngine OpManager

    ManageEngine has been upping its game with its well featured OpManager software solution for network monitoring. There pricing model is based on the number of devices your trying to monitor at any given time (like PRTG), which some businesses and purchasing managers might sway away from. Nevertheless, its a great option for an alternative and here are some highlights – if you want a comprehensive review of Opmanager by ManageEngine, you can check it out here.

    OpManager features include some of the following:

    • Network Health Monitoring of your LAN/WAN
    • Proactive VOIP and QoS Monitoring
    • Layer 1 & 2 Network Mapping
    • WAN Monitoring (including Latency for SLA requirements)
    • Policy and Configuration Management
    • Flow-Based Bandwidth Analysis
    • And much More

    See their Official Website for more Information and Demo:

Finding the right software to replace PRTG can be a challenge, but we've broken down some great substitutes and alternatives to Paessler and how they relate in terms of feature sets and monitoring capabilities. We'll keep adding to this list and update it as more software products become available that provide similar functionality, features and reporting capabilities.

Some reasons why people are looking to switch their network monitoring and management software include greater visibility into their networks and pricing. Many prefer Solarwinds NPM over some of the options we've listed above because of its constant updating and scanning of your network to keep all new devices, switches, servers and other network equipment updated, mapped and diagrammed out within the software. This proves to be very beneficial when there are network latency or outages and you need an almost real-time look into your network to see which devices are causing these issues.

We suggest you give SolarWinds NPM a try (or one of the others mentioned above) and you'll quickly realize that its one of the best decisions you'll make in your environment.

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