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patch management software and tools

Marc Wilson

Patching your servers, desktops, laptops and any other system in your Network will either Save you or Cripple you – for this reason, we're going to review the Best Patch Management Software and tools for you to ensure all updates, patches and critical services packs are continually being installed and updated.

In recent months, exploits for Windows systems have been made public by various hacker groups that have been subsequently used for exploiting those vulnerabilities and exposing systems to massive breaches and ransomware viruses. Many of these cryptowall or cryptolocker/ransomware viruses are bringing down businesses, schools, home users and even Hospitals as of recently.

Having a proper Patch Manager Software Tool implemented in your network will save you from dealing with many of the issues from above – along with many sleepless nights of installing patching manually.

Some admins and network engineers would argue having WSUS and/or SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) in place will solve the patch management issue – and in some cases its true. But there are caveats and downfalls to utilizing a Microsoft based software solution. WSUS is, at times, complicated and not as friendly as it should be to use, as well as the issue of only being able to manage Windows updates.

SCCM, on the other hand, demands a team to manage it, incurring more costs on top of the licensing costs involved already. This is why we recommend a 3rd-party patch manager to help you cover all your bases and all systems and software that you have in production.

Here's the Best Patch Management Tools & Software of 2020:

  1. Solarwinds Patch Manager
  2. ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus
  3. GFI LanGuard
  4. Pulseway WSUS
  5. Kaseya
  6. NinjaRMM
  7. Cloud Management Suite
  8. SysAid
  9. Itarian
  10. AutoMox

Below is a list of software that will assist in keeping all systems up-to-date and secure without much effort and minimal configuration.

1. Solarwinds Patch Manager

patch manager dashboard

Solarwinds have developed an easy-to-use and very intuitive Patch Manager software that has quite the feature list. Their solution boasts “Automated Patching of Microsoft Servers, Workstations and 3rd-party Applications”, which is quite the statement.

Their software integrates directly with WSUS and SCCM if you have those in-place already and easily streamlines the process and automates your patching to your critical servers and workstations. They offer pre-built and Pre-tested packages for many 3rd Party applications that can be easily updated within their dashboard, as seen in the image below:

Some of the 3rd party applications updates that are supported include:

  • Adobe
  • Apache
  • Apple
  • Citrix
  • Dell
  • Google
  • HP business and Proliant Server
  • Malwarebytes
  • UltraVNC/RealVNC
  • Sun
  • VLC
  • Vmware
  • and many many more!

windows update wizard

Full list of featured applications can be seen here:

One of the primary reasons to use this tool in our opinion is the dashboard – you can track all patches within a single dashboard, as well as update status and get a graphic view what errors and completed installations. This not only assists you as an admin, but will assist in keeping up-to-date with compliance and auditors if necessary.


Patch Manager utilizes either WSUS or SCCM (or both if you have them within your environment) to help you quickly scale and install updates as necessary to a wide variety of application, operating systems and vendors. They also offer the option to build your own .MSI or .EXE files to deploy within the network.

Below is a great video about the capabilities of Solarwinds' offering that gives you a great overview of its capabilities.


Grab a Free 30 Day Trial Download and follow along:





2. ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus

ManageEngine has recently added a great new tool to their already great network monitoring software suite known as “Patch Manager Plus”. They offer a seamless, simple to use platform to keep Linux, Mac and Windows systems updated, as well as over 250 third-party applications.

Some of the options they provide with their solution include:

  • Patch Compliance
  • Real-Time Audits and Reports
  • Approve/Decline Patches depending on Severity and Priority
  • Implement Test Groups of computers
  • Extensive list of 3rd-party Application support (seen here)

They offer 3 different versions of this software:



Free Trial Available – Request Price On their Website!


Official Website and Information:




3. GFI LanGuard

GFI is another great solution for patch management and they offer not only the basic platform updates, but Windows Phone, iOS and Android as well. They conduct over 60,000 vulnerability assessments and ensure that your network systems and devices are kept up-to-date with the latest patches and updates.

Some features that GFI offers are as follows:

  • Intuitive Reporting Dashboard/Console
  • Anti-Virus Patch management as well as integration with major Security Software
  • View Security issues within your Network including rogue USB Drives, Phones & tablets
  • PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLB/GLBA and PSN CoCo Compliance
  • and much more!

To get a full understanding of the level of management and detail that GFI LanGuard covers, please check out their Official website below.


Free Trial and then between $10 – $25 per User thereafter!



4. Pulseway WSUS


Pulseway WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) is a patch management Windows server module. It notifies you when a new update is available so you can easily review and approve the updates from any device. With Pulseway WSUS’s API you can remotely monitor and manage Windows, Linux, and MacOS, including any third-party application, using the mobile app or web browser.

To start with this solution, just install the agent software on the computer that you need to monitoring. For security, all the communication between the application and the monitored device will be encrypted.

What is it Special about this Software?

Pulseway was one of the first to develop mobile IT management software. They made it easy to monitor software anywhere you are. The software is also easy to use and very convenient. With WSUS you can find any Windows update and apply it from a centralized place (including a mobile device). Then you can search according to update approval state or update installation status.

Features and Functionality:

  1. Browse through synchronization history.
  2. Run on-demand synchronizations.
  3. Manage the status of all the updates from the mobile app.


Pulseway is a Pay-As-You-Go service, but according to the official site, a pricing estimation starts from $47 per month.


Get Pulseway from its official website.


5. Kaseya VSA


Kaseya VSA is a cloud-based IT management and monitoring solution that provides tools for MSPs and IT entreprises. With this software you can manage and secure any kind of IT capabilities.

Kaseya VSA’s Software Management module is a solution that provides central management, complete visibility, and automation to deploy and update all Windows, MacOS, and 3rd party software.

Why is Kaseya VSA special?

Thanks to Kaseya’s policy profiles, you can automate software maintenance across different platforms and perform any patch deployment for devices, on or off the network. Another outstanding feature of Kaseya VSA is its rapid software distribution using the Agent Endpoint Fabric that optimizes the delivery of installers, even if it is destined to a high latent network.

Kaseya's Best Features and Offerings:

  1. Protection from vulnerabilities.
  2. Fully remote control.
  3. Fast distribution on and off the network using Agent Endpoint Fabric.
  4. Schedule scans and analysis.
  5. Automation of approval, review, or reject, using Kaseya’s policy profiles.
  6. Full control with the capability to override profiles.
  7. Migration from VSA patch management module.


For price efficiency, the cost is based on the number of endpoints. The price is not published in the website, you have to request a quote.


There is a free trial, but you need to request a demo from Kaseya VSA official site.


6. NinjaRMM


NinjaRMM is an SaaS remote IT monitoring and management solution to help you plan, deliver, and operate any IT service. With Ninja RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) you can manage network devices and endpoints, access remotely, deploy updates, run antivirus scans, and much more.

This solution helps you keep your endpoint software up to date and secured, with its simplified patching solution. You can start patching tasks with out-of-box settings and create detailed patch reports. With NinjaRMM you can automate patching for Windows platforms and third party software from over 120 different vendors.

What is it Unique about NinjaRMM?

With the help of the NinjaRMM policy framework you can customize scans and updates for any number of devices, whether is for a single or a group of devices. You can also allow fast patch deployment approval or rejection through patch management automation.

Here's some Features and Capabilities of NinjaRMM:

  1. Automatic scans.
  2. Custom patches.
  3. Multi-patch deployments.
  4. Network wide management.
  5. Scheduled deployment.
  6. Subscription services.


The price is not listed in the official site, but you can get a quote.


To download NinjaRMM request a free trial from its official site.


7. Patch Management by Cloud Management Suite

Cloud Management Suite

It is a cloud-based patch management platform for any type and size of network. Cloud Management Suite helps you manage your IT infrastructure, find vulnerabilities and fix them instantly. This solution allows you to manage all network devices and endpoints in or off the network, from the cloud and without the help of agents.

The main components of Cloud Management Suite are, Patch Management, Inventory Discovery, Remote Control, and Software Distribution. The patch management supports updates for different vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Java, Chrome, etc.

What Makes it Special?

Thanks to its amazing built-in reporting feature, IT managers can show detailed patching status reports to auditors and executives. The report provides summaries and in-depth information with customized parameters. IT managers also love Cloud Management Suite because its console is really easy to use and highly functional.

Patch Management Features and Capabilities of Cloud Management Suite:

  1. Patch tracking.
  2. Remote control.
  3. Software distribution.
  4. Inventory discovery.
  5. History and reporting.
  6. Amazing support


The price starts at $2.00 per endpoint per month. Request a quote, to get a closer estimate for a price according to your requirements


Request a free trial for a 14-days period.


8. SysAid Patch Management

sysaid dashboard

SysAid is a cloud-based IT management service and Service Desk solution. It assists users located in any size of network to resolve technology problems. Some of the most relevant features include help desk automation, asset management, patch management, network monitoring, performance analysis, and reporting.

SysAid Patch Management is integrated into SysAid IT Asset Management and helps Windows servers and endpoints, be updated with the latest patches. With this solution you can have an overview of the patches working on active devices on your network. You can also customize automatic processes to deal with the entire patch management.

The software is supported by Microsoft and third party applications such as Adobe Flash, Firefox, Chrome, Java, Apple iTunes, etc.

What is Special about SysAid Patch Management?

The software comes with a great auditing patching process. This helps you ensure that all changes related to patches are, performed correctly, well documented, and that they comply with any regulations.

SysAid Features and Options:

  1. Optional add-on capability for SysAid Help Desk and SysAid ITSM.
  2. It supports on-premise and cloud environments.
  3. Pre-defined views in dashboard to see which patches are missing, approved, installed, or failed.
  4. Supports Patch Policy. Automatically install any patch supported by the software.


Sysaid Service Desk is offered in three plans, Basic, Full, and A La Carte. Each is suitable for different networks and budgets. The price is not published in the website, but you can contact them to get a quote.



Get a free trial of the IT Asset Management and test the patch management capabilities.


9. Itarian Patch Management tool


Itarian is a free IT platform that allows remote monitoring and management. The software allows patch management, remote control, customized scripts, auto-discovery and deployment, and service desk.

With Itarian you can find which endpoints have vulnerabilities and which ones require patching. Once a vulnerability is found, you can create policies to help you automatically deploy updates to a single or group of endpoints and schedule the process.

You can also get a general overview of available updates with the help of reports and dashboard statistics. Itarian helps you deploy updates to Windows and Linux operating systems.


Features and Capabilities of ITarian include:

  1. Comprehensive patch sourcing.
  2. Automatic system discovery for all managed endpoints.
  3. Prioritize and schedule patch deployment.
  4. Efficient deployment, through scheduling, triggered on demand, and reboots.
  5. Comprehensive network status and health reports.


Free to install, Contact for additional Licensing


Get a complete free patch management software and tools for Windows.


10. AutoMox

AutoMox dashboard

AutoMox is a cloud-based solution that can automate patching and configuration for any device or group of devices in the network. AutoMox, tracks, controls, and manages the entire patching process.

The solution works with agents and policies, so that you can control the level of patch management automation, flow processes, and configuration deployments. With this solution, you can get a complete network inventory and learn about the status of the systems and its software. This will help you to quickly identify which systems are vulnerable and which ones need immediate updates.

Automox allows you to see real-time vulnerabilities in a single dashboard for different platforms, like Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

What's so Great about AutoMox?

The user interface is highly visual and very lightweight. You can easily install the agents remotely without interrupting the user. The dashboard is also very easy to setup and use.

Patch Manager Capabilities & Features that this software includes:

  1. Advanced patching policies.
  2. Automatic scans.
  3. Customize patches.
  4. Multi-patch deployments.
  5. Network wide management.
  6. Expanded third party software library.
  7. Schedule deployment


Automox offers three different pricing plans. Endpoint Monitoring (100% Free), Basic Patching ($2 endpoint/month), and Full Platform ($5 endpoint/month).


Signup to Automox to get a 15-day free trial.



The importance of having your systems continually patched is more crucial than ever, in light of recent events. As we've seen, there are many exploits and vulnerabilities within Windows systems and other network devices that are not made public and usually get into the hands of the wrong people.

These attackers use these vulnerabilities, which usually have been patched only days prior, to launch global attacks via Email phishing and such to exploit these holes and infect your systems with Ransomware and Cryptolocker – we know because this happened to us once.

Patching, on top of user training and awareness, will save your data, files and possibly your business. We recommend grabbing one of these patch management tools from above and getting them implemented immediately. Our choice for the Best Patch Management software has to be Solarwinds Patch Manager or ManageEngine Patch Management Suite!

They offer a robust and scalable solution that is backed by a massive company that will be there if questions or support issues arise. They have a track record for developing cutting edge software that many IT departments (including ours) cannot live without!