NetApp Monitoring Software and Tools for the Best Management of your Devices

netapp monitoring software and tools

Marc Wilson

NetApp is strongly focused on storage hardware, its management software, and on data services for the clouds – we're going to cover NetApp Monitoring and see which programs can assist with monitor this critical infrastructure device. The storage devices are commonly used by large businesses to store and transfer large quantities of data across hybrid clouds.

The main types of hardware include hybrid cloud infrastructure and flash storage. Its storage systems can integrate with all leading cloud providers, and can also natively support VMware VSphere.

Here is our list of the top NetApp Monitoring tools:

  1. SolarWinds NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring – FREE TRIAL This NetApp monitoring solution is part of the SolarWinds Resource Monitor and it covers an overview and detailed analysts of storage solution performance. Runs on Windows Server.
  2. IntelliMagic Vision for SAN – FREE TRIAL This NetApp monitoring tool focuses on storage clusters and identifies possible solutions for detected problems.  Available as a virtual appliance or as a cloud service.
  3. NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager A monitoring solution for hybrid environments that can summarize and unify the monitoring of resources based on both the cloud and on premises. Available for Windows Server and Linux.
  4. Nagios Netapp Monitoring A monitoring system that is available in free and paid versions that has plugins to add on NetApp monitoring capabilities. Installs on Linux or over a hypervisor for Windows.
  5. LogicMonitor NetApp Monitoring A cloud-based service that can monitor physical and virtual resources no matter where they are located.
  6. Netwrix Auditor for NetApp A system monitor that is available in free and paid versions and is able to cover combinations of physical and virtual systems, including NetApp environments. Runs on Windows Server.
  7. OpsView Monitor An extensible monitoring system for applications and servers that includes a NetApp service monitoring extension. Available for Linux or as a cloud service.
  8. PRTG NetApp Health Sensor A collection of monitors for networks, servers, and applications that includes a sensor for NetApp environment monitoring. Runs on Windows Server.

Best NetApp Monitoring Software and Tools

In this we will review the following tools which will help you keep track of those NetApp resources.

1. SolarWinds NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring – FREE TRIAL

netapp solarwinds

The NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring software developed by SolarWinds, helps you gain deep insights on the performance of all your NetApp arrays and get storage views. The software comes within the Storage Resource Monitor SRM, which is a storage management tool that supports multi-vendor devices.

With the NetApp monitor, you can perform health checks and identify possible bottlenecks on your NetApp storage. You can also check the cluster at different levels, from the filer, the RAID groups, to the volume.

The software comes with the main dashboard or “Summary” that shows you all details about the cluster and its current status. From the same page, you can also manage the cluster and get a performance summary.

The SolarWinds NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring will:

  • Monitor your performance metrics, including, IOPS, average throughput, NAS capacity, usable capacity, and latency.
  • Provide proactive capacity planning, by tracking historical storage consumption data and predicting when the storage will be finished.
  • Provide insightful reports and alerts to help you troubleshoot faster.

Price: 30 Day Free Trial – Download Below to Get Started!

Download: Fully-functional free trial of SolarWinds NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring for 30 days.

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2. IntelliMagic Vision for SAN – FREE TRIAL

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN includes the monitoring of NetApp environments in its SAN monitoring service. This monitoring system is able to unify the monitoring of services provided by many different vendors and make them manageable from one interface. This system can identify performance and resource issues and then analyze the causes of the problem and suggest solutions.

The system includes AI routines to calculate how complicated application and resource inter-dependencies can impact on resources, spotting when issues are probably going to arise, rather than waiting for the problem to occur. This buys you time to adjust resource allocations before they impact on performance.

IntelliMagic NetApp Topology Viewer

Features and Capabilities

  • Identifies all of the services contributing to a NetApp environment.
  • Predicts resource requirements.
  • Offers overview statistics plus drill down details for each service.
  • Shows live statuses.
  • Performance statistics per protocol.
  • Space requirements forecasting.
  • Analysis of SAN fabric paths.

IntelligMagic Vision is available as a virtual appliance over VMWare or as a cloud service.

Price: Contact the Sales Department to get a quote.

Download: You can access a free trial of IntelliMagic Vision for SAN.

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3. NetApp’s Active IQ Unified Manager

Active IQ

The active NetApp IQ Unified Manager is a management and analytics tool for the NetApp ONTAP systems. The software allows you to monitor, manage, and improve the FAS and AFF storage performance and capacity. With the IQ Unified Manager, you’ll be able to keep your storage infrastructure under control and improve security, scalability, and supportability.

The software allows you to keep track of your storage resources by sending regular health checks and alerting accordingly. You can view all unified details from a single pane of glass and react to any alarm with the recommended steps.

Features and Capabilities

  • Discovers and monitors storage.
  • Notifications system.
  • Manage and monitor petabytes of data.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Multi-cluster.
  • Auto-remediation.
  • Create and share reports.

You can install the Active IQ Unified manager in a Linux or Windows server or as a VMware host.

Price: Request a quote.

Download: There is no free trial.

4. Nagios Netapp Monitoring


Nagios develops two distinct but powerful infrastructure monitoring tools, the Nagios Core and Nagios IX. The Nagios Core is the free and open-source version of the enterprise monitoring tool, the Nagios IX. Both tools can monitor storage, filesystem, files, directories, NAS, DAS, RAID Arrays, EMC, NetApp, and a lot more.

The Nagios Software can keep track of NetApp appliances, their filesystem usage, and free space. It can also monitor the essential elements from a NetApp ONTAP cluster, such as volumes, snapshots, quotas, fillers, and overall disk health.

The Nagios software comes with amazing alerting features to keep you informed when there’s a problem with a disk or a volume. You can see alerts in the single dashboard or get the software to send them to your email, or text you. You can also take advantage of the reporting system, to get all your Netapp clusters information into an organized report generated by the software.

Price: Nagios Core is free and open-source, and Core XI starts at $1,995 for a standard license.

Download: Fully-featured and free Nagios Core, or get a 60-days-trial version of the Nagios XI.

5. LogicMonitor NetApp Monitoring

logic monitor

LogicMonitor is a SaaS-based performance and health monitoring platform for all kinds of IT infrastructure. It comes with over +1500 integrations so you can monitor any server, cloud, VMs, network, applications, websites, storage, websites.

The NetApp monitoring comes as one of those integrations. It is already pre-configured, and you can also customize it to your needs. With it, you can keep track of your NetApp performance, trends, and alerts.

LogicMonitor can keep track of a variety of metrics, such as:

  • Active Interfaces.
  • CPU Usage.
  • Disk Activity.
  • IOPS (IO per second)
  • Per volume space.
  • Inode and snapshot utilization.
  • LUN queue depth.
  • And a lot more.

Logic Monitor comes with a highly visual dashboard, which shows you the information in real-time. The dashboard also shows you the alarms, from critical to low impartance, and the recommended actions to take.

Price: There are three different licenses, the Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. To know the price, request a quote.

Download: To get a 14-days free trial, sign up to LogicMonitor.

6. Netwrix Auditor for NetApp

netwrix auditor

Netwrix Auditor is an agentless data security platform that provides visibility for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation. Netwrix helps protect your Netapp filers by monitoring their health, access events, sensitive files, user activity, etc. The software will also discover IT risks that may put data or users in danger.

The Netwrix Auditor for NetApp collects all filers event logs, analyzes them, and shows them in a readable format. The dashboard displays the results, including success or attempted access, violation in a set of permissions, and more.

You can get the Netwrix NetApp monitor through the free edition, which includes many of the features discussed above except, the “State-in-time reports on NetApp filer configuration,” which comes with the commercial license.

Price: The get information for commercial licenses, request a quote from Netwrix official site.

Download: You can get a fully-functional for free for 20 days, after that time you’ll have to either activate the Free Community Edition or apply for a commercial license.

7. OpsView Monitor NetApp


OpsView is a unified cloud and infrastructure monitoring software. It can run anywhere, on bare metal, on VMs, on the cloud, or on-premises. It supports thousands of plugins and can integrate, out-of-the-box with popular applications like VMWare vSphere, Docker, AWS, Azure, Cisco, Office 365, Jira, NetApp, and more.

OpsView supports NetApp monitoring as part of its Systems Monitoring Opspacks. With the Opsview Monitor’s NetApp you can keep track of the following metrics on a NetApp server:

  • Uptime status.
  • CPU load
  • Disk read and write usage.
  • State of hard disk, fans, and PSU.
  • Free vs. the used space.
  • Temperature and voltage.
  • And a lot more.

The OpsView Monitor will display your NetApp data in real-time in its interactive dashboard. It will also display alarms or send them to your email or via text. And what is best is that it can also create visual reports, such as performance reports, SLA reports, and events reports.

Price: OpsView has three different pricing plans, Free, SMB, and Enterprise. Free plan for up to 25 hosts. The SMB plan for 50 hosts for $95.00/month (includes all standard features). And Enterprise for over 300 hosts and comes fully featured, for more information, schedule a demo. 

Download: free OpsView monitoring for up to 25 hosts for an unlimited time.

8. PRTG NetApp Health Sensor

prtg netapp sensor

PRTG Network Monitor is a popular software among IT and network admins. It can help monitor every component in an IT infrastructure, form the network, the systems, applications, storage, traffic, databases, security, virtual, hardware, and a lot more.

The magic of PRTG Network Monitor is its sensors, which are monitored elements within a device. With these sensors, you can keep track of a single element, for example, IOPS, physical disk, or system health. You can run from one PRTG sensor to up to hundreds of sensors in a single device.

An excellent sensor to monitor NetApp is the SNMP NetApp System Health. It uses the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to keep track of your NetApp storage. It can monitor information such as:

  • CPU load
  • Used disk space
  • Active restores
  • Active disks
  • Failed disks
  • Spare disks
  • Failed fans
  • Failed power supplies
  • Temperature
  • And more.

Price: The price for PRTG varies according to the number of sensors. The basic license starts at $1,330 for PRTG500, which allows monitoring up to 500 sensors.

Download: You can get PRTG100 for free for unlimited time and test the NetApp Health Sensor. You can also apply for a fully-functional trial if you want to test the product with more than 100 sensors.


NetApp is the king when it comes to storing and managing your data. They have everything in line, from software, hardware, to systems and services to manage and store data.

Although Netapp has great monitoring solutions, you can always get leverage with other tools to check the health and performance of your storage.

The monitoring tools mentioned above are pretty complete. The good thing is that you’ll be able not only to keep those NetApp resources in good shape, but you’ll also have access to monitoring other aspects of your infrastructure.