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Best FREE Wake-on-LAN Software and Tools for your Network

free wake-on-lan tools and software

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Wake-on-LAN (WoL) is a Network Protocol that sends packet to an IP address of your choice that is specially formulated with a broadcast frame that will wake up the machine on the other end – that is, if WOL is enabled on the machine.

Here is our list of the ten best free Wake-on-LAN tools:

  1.  Engineer’s Toolset Wake-on-LAN – EDITOR'S CHOICE This WOL system is bundled into the Engineer’s Toolset, which contains more than 60 system administration tools. Runs on Windows and Windows Server. Start 14-day free trial.
  2. Syxsense Manage – FREE TRIAL A package of endpoint management tools that include Wake-on-LAN and other remote management utilities. This is a SaaS platform.
  3. ManageEngine OpUtils – FREE EDITION A complete management system for network addressing and network traffic management that includes a Wake-on-LAN service. This package is available for Windows Server and Linux.
  4. Nirsoft WakeMeOnLan A free utility that includes a network IP address scanner that allows one or multiple endpoints to be woken up. Available for Windows.
  5. WakeOnLANx A free utility that can command shutdown, reboot, or startup of any endpoint connected to the network. Runs on Windows.
  6. Depicus Wake On Lan GUI A WoL tool for Windows that allows the specification of a target with an IP address or MAC address.
  7. EMCO WakeOnLan Free This is a free version of a paid WoL utility and has a number of limitations but is a suitable service for a small network. Runs on Windows.
  8. Aquila Technology WakeOnLAN A free utility that will scan the network and load up all identifiers for each device and let shut one or more of them down, reboot, or wake them up. Runs on Windows.
  9. ManageEngine Free Wake On LAN Tool A free tool, which is the Wake-on-LAN utility that is offered as part of OpUtils. Available for Windows Server and Linux.
  10. FusionFenix Robust free tool with an Android app version.

The ability to perform a LAN wake on a system can be incredibly useful in a range of situations.

To put simply if there is any time you might want a system to be turned on when you aren't sitting in front of it, then Wake-On-LAN, aka WOL, is precisely what you need!

Whether used for testing, or perhaps on a back-up system, it's quite useful to be able to remotely control and change the power state of a computer.

Even just accidentally shutting it down, or someone turning it off and leaving, can make WOL very useful!

With the software installed the networks NIC continues to receive power even while turned off and listens for a specific packet to be sent that will trigger a startup.

It's as simple as that!

And due to the simplicity there are a range of tools with a range of features to provide this very functionality.

Some are as basic as just providing wake, while others offer a greater degree of flexibility and specificity in how they do what they do!

It's worth noting that WOL does often have to be enabled in the BIOS on the system to be roused remotely, of course.

What should you look for in free Wake-on-LAN clients?

We reviewed the market for Wake-on-LAN utilities and analyzed the tools based on the following criteria:

  • An easy to manage utility that can be driven by a graphical user interface
  • An autodetect function that can trace all connected devices and identify them by IP address or MAC address
  • A simple tool that can issue a Wake-on-LAN instruction quickly
  • Nice to have a free tool that is part of a wider endpoint management system
  • Good to see other quick network and endpoint management utilities
  • Action recording that creates logs for compliance auditing
  • A worthwhile free tool or a Wake-on-LAN tool that is included for free with a paid package

With these selection criteria in mind, we have distilled a set of candidate Wake-on-LAN systems that are worth considering and included solutions for every major operating system.

Best Wake-on-LAN Software & Tools for Windows 7, 10, Server 2012/2018:

We've compiled a small list of the Best Wake on Lan software and tools that will help you Wake up any PC on your internal network via the protocol.

The Great part about most of the software below is that they're absolutely FREE!If they aren;t free, they at least have a free trial. Grab one below and install it today to make sure you have it ready when you least expect.

1. Engineer's Toolset Wake-on-LAN – FREE TRIAL

SolarWinds Engineers Toolset Wake-on-LAN

SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset includes more than 60 useful network management tools and one of those is a Wake-on-LAN service.

With this tool, you can turn any PC connected to your network on or off without having to leave your desk. This function works even if the device is completely turned on as well as with computers that are in standby mode.

Other facilities in the Engineer’s Toolset include a network discovery system and SNMP network device monitoring services.

Price: This system is not free forever, but you can access it for free for 14 days with a trial.


The Wake-on-LAN Tool from the SolarWinds Engineers Toolset is our top pic for Wake-on-LAN software because it is quick and easy to access. This no-fuss utility is accessible from the Engineer’s Toolset console so you don’t have to go hunting around for a small application that you don’t use very often. Get remote computers accessible even if they are turned off with this handy facility. Add in the free trial and you’ve got free access to this useful tool.

OS: Windows Server

2. Syxsense Manage – FREE TRIAL

Syxsense Security Manager

Syxsense Manage is a collection of utilities that enable you to manage any network anywhere and run maintenance and investigation tasks on all endpoints.

This service is able to monitor and manage devices running Windows, macOS, and Linux. As well as its Wake-on-LAN service. This package includes remote access services, network discovery, and asset inventory systems. It also has a software inventory creation system and an automated patch manager.

Price: As you would expect, this package is not free forever. However, you can use it for free for 14 days.


Download Now

3. ManageEngine OpUtils – FREE EDITION

ManageEngine OpUtils

OpUtils gives you the option to manage and Monitor Wake-on-LAN Devices from a Easy-to-use dashboard!

They provide information about Devices, scheduling and even go as far as allowing you to group computers or systems to start all at once!

Some options that you have with this tool are as follows:

  • Create Groups & Schedule WOL
  • Schedule ALL or Individual PC's for WOL
  • Boot Systems Across VLANs & Other networks!
  • Automatically Scan & Discovery Devices with WOL Capabilities!
  • and much More!

Click on the Link below to get started and download this great tool today!

Price: The free edition of the OpUtils product includes 16 tools. The paid edition starts off with a 30-day free trial.


Download Now

4. Nirsoft

nirsoft wol utility software

NirSoft, a common name when dealing with passwords and utilities revolving around them, also has a nice lightweight tool for handling WOL.

It has a nice simple interface that allows for managing a series of systems all at once and can even broadcast a WOL packet to a handful of systems at the same time to save you a little extra work.

It also offers command-line functionality that is ideal for scripting or bat files.


Price: Free

Compatibility: Any version of Windows from 2000 and up, including 64-bit

5. WakeOnLANx

wakeonlanx software

Another simple and free tool that is purely focused on getting the job done without an excess of bells and whistles.

This one has a particularly customizable GUI, much more than many of the similar programs, and even offers a little bit of system information that can be requested from the target machine, such as drive space, MAC address, last boot time, a built-in remote access request, and several other handy features.

As far as free WOL tools, it's a pretty robust one for sure!


Price: Free

Compatibility: Most versions of Windows, also needs .NET Framework 4.0 or higher

6. Magic Packet

wol gui by magic packet

It doesn't get any more simple than this!

This is essentially a straight-up front-end UI for fully command-prompt based native WOL functionality.

It provides the most basic level of WOL needs with a nice and concise little graphical interface.


Price: Free

Compatibility: Most versions of Windows from 2k and up


EMCO WakeOnLan Tool

This program is a bit fancier looking than most of the more simple WOL tools, but it also offers a bit more functionality as a result.

The free version doesn't really do much more than most of the others listed here, but it does have a snappy interface for easy navigation and adjustment of some of the basic parameters.

The paid version boasts a bit more flexibility and has some useful logging and management features for the systems added to it.


Price: Freeware and paid versions available, paid has $179 site license and $265 enterprise versions

Compatibility: Windows XP and up

8. Aquila Tech

Aquila Tech Wake-On-LAN Tool

This program has a few handy features of note – it can also perform shutdowns on non-Windows systems via scripting, but it takes a bit of fiddling to get that working.

Aside from that it offers some functionality for troubleshooting WOL by monitoring the wake packets being sent and received, and has a built-in scanner for browsing host machines for WOL functionality.


Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows XP and up, .NET Framework 4.6 or higher

9. ManageEngine

managengine WOL

This particular tool is part of a larger suite of basic management tools that comes part of a free program offered by ManageEngine.

It can invoke remote command prompts, take inventory of software, pull up task manager remotely, and several other features as well as, of course, WOL.

This is a handy option when you have a need for more than just the most basic functionality, but anyone who is interested primarily in WOL features will find the rest of it just gets in the way.


Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7

10. FusionFenix

FusionFenix WOL

Another option that is pretty barebones that comes with a few strong limitations, but it has one particular offering that makes it worth mentioning!

This particular free tool has a mobile app version for triggering WOL for a configured system, which can be quite handy for quickly firing up a computer from your phone – especially if you then have remote capabilities via the same phone!


Price: Free

Compatibility: Most Windows from 2000 and up, also has Android app version available for triggering WOL

Flexibility and functionality even while away from a computer is one of the most powerful tools we have in this day and age.

Being away from a system or office doesn't mean you can't repair, turn off, restart, and in this case, even turn back on a computer all from just about anyplace, and any device, with a network connection.

For a nice and easy, but still robust, option for WOL functionality the SOLARWINDS Free WOL Utility can be easily recommended for doing a great job! Its FREE, Easy to Use and gets the job done all the time!

Finding the Best Wake on Lan Software shouldn't be difficult and we hope the list above has served you well in finding one.

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