BriskBard Browser Review

BriskBard Browser Review

Marc Wilson

There are a lot of options these days for just about any and every task one can perform on a computer – dozens of browsers, media players, email clients, news aggregators, chat clients, file transfer programs, and so forth.

Most folks have their preferences for programs that they are familiar with or like specific features of, but there's often room for improvement and, most of all, consolidation!

BriskBard is a suite of functionality that covers a huge range of functionality in an effort to simplify many of the common and frequent needs of computer users!

At its foremost BriskBard is a web browser, fully featured for all manner of media and web applications.

But beyond that, it also functions in place of a number of other programs in a single suite – BriskBard can perform FTP file transfers, play media files (both audio and video, as well as playlist support!), connect to IRC chat rooms, handle email, manage and organize contacts, and more!

news aggregator

The web-browser portion is fully featured and utilizes the Internet Explorer rendering engine.

Tabbed browsing is supported as well as tab customization for color-coded organization.

The program has a full bookmarking system in place, including imports and exports, as well as RSS and Atom feed subscription for quick and reliable news!

Browsing history is fully accessible and even retrievable via the address field, which is interactive and performs predictive efforts to aid in finding what you want or getting you where you want to be – and on that note, security is also kept in mind as all browsing data is locally stored and can be completely deleted in a mere two clicks!

Lastly, as far as the browser goes, BriskBard also has several context-menu built-in tools for retrieving PING, WHOIS, and DNS data for the site and domain.

Fully Functional Email Client


email client

Email is a feature and functionality often taken for granted – many of us use Outlook at work, or have a web-based email client from some provider or another, but there's a lot of power that can come from a dedicated email program, and a great deal of savings versus expensive software like Outlook!

BriskBard is easy to setup via the configuration wizard and the email portion is fully integrated right alongside your browser, media, and everything else in BriskBard!

configure email

You can setup and configure multiple email accounts, and even has a unique sand-boxed rendering engine for emails to help boost security and avoid the worries of accidentally opening a questionable email.

By default the built-in spellchecker supports multiple languages and the message editor has a range of options for visual styles, fonts, signatures, and much more.

And, of course, the contacts are all seamlessly integrated, making it easy to not only add recipients, but also to swiftly create new contacts with automatically filled information in a mere few clicks!

Integrated Media Player

BriskBard's built-in media player is well rounded and powerful – the audio player provides all the usual options you'd expect, such as playlists, full volume controls, balance, and so forth, as well as some fun visualization features.

media player

The video, however, stands out due to the wide range of compatibility with various file types – BriskBard has an easy download option for the ffmpeg collection of filters that easily integrate into the program, enabling playback of just about any video file format out there!

And, to top it off, it also supports DirectShow installation of other filters in the rare case a specific file doesn't play just right.

FTP/IRC Capabilities

BriskBard has such a wide range of functionality and features that it can truly replace several other programs in a nice, simple package.

In addition to the above it supports secure file transfers using FTP fully – files can be sent and received in addition to resume support and server bookmarking for ease of access.

It can manage and connect to several IRC chat servers at once, providing a singular location for your social interactions right alongside your web browsing and media!


With so many specialized solutions that fit niche needs out there today it's easy to get bogged down with a dozen programs for a half dozen needs, and that's where a program like BriskBard can really come into play and reverse the balance.

Doesn't it make a lot more sense to have one suite to handle a dozen different functions, all in one place?

It's a superb choice for an easy to use, reliable, and accessible option for performing many of your daily computer and internet tasks all in one place.. and with a thirty day trial, there's no reason not to give it a shot and see what it can do for you!

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