Top 10 Managed File Transfer (MFT) Services

Best Managed File Transfer Services

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The aspect of data transfer is a big concern for both large-scale and small-scale businesses. As a business owner, it can become challenging to transfer big files and synchronize them with other users in the same company – especially by ensuring that the process is secure. In the search for a good platform for data transfer, there is a significant loss of valuable time, IT staffers that can be used for other business-critical jobs, and spending costs that could be avoided.

For this, many companies had sought after FTP (file transfer protocol) but have realized that it does not satisfy all the needs and dependencies of the business. Here comes the MFT/managed file transfer play. It avails secure transfer of data in user-friendly ways and varying quantities. Moreover, it lets you transfer electronic data in the same system – and outside of your system, in a controlled and secure manner that you can manage.

MFT software solutions offer fast and secure transfer without developing new solutions or manually transferring electronic data. It increases the overall efficiency and agility by eliminating the need for script and automation, which allows you to omit having people manually do all the tasks.

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a platform of technology that offers the exchange of electronic data securely, concerning compliance to the dependencies – it can occur between different systems within the same organization or even other people. With the beneficial features of MFT, businesses have been seeking out software to satisfy their needs and achieve their goals.

Batch scripts or file transfer management tools have become increasingly popular in the recent years, as it goes through consistent reforms to adapt to the fast-paced business world. But the problem with using the same software for the automated workload and data transfer is that it can interfere with the networking. That's why; MFT primarily operates on different platforms where complex day-to-day processes are not present.

To understand which MFT software would best suit your business, it's essential to understand the benefits and need for Managed File Transfer software.

Why You Need MFT?

Daily, businesses depend on electronic data transfer of varying quantities and through different systems. The aspect of data exchange will always be in demand and for almost all types of businesses. Due to this, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand what sort of dependencies your business needs to be fulfilled. Without MFT, keeping your data such as reports, customer information, employee sheets, and other items remains secure.

This data needs to be protected but can be subjected to loss or manipulation unless you invest in a proper MFT. Exchange and transfer of electronic information can be done with much more efficiency, speed, and ease. In general, here are some of the many reasons why you need MFT for the benefit of your business:

  • Growth of Data: These days, almost every bit of information is shared electronically. It has become nearly impossible to keep all the data in one place and share them in large bulks without facing any minor to significant repercussions. MFT creates a direct pathway for you to exchange electronic data through devices in the same system securely or even different systems –it does not limit the transfer of data to one locality and allows your business to indulge in global activities.
  • Compliance with Security: There are required regulations to be met regarding data about the business and its relation with financial, legislative, and confidential involvements in the industry. MFT avails proper transmission, encryption, monitoring, and storing of all sorts of data to meet ends of security directives. By doing so, the worry about mishaps concerning the security of the business is lessened.
  • Preserve Data Safety: It is necessary to check how data is transferred or manage the stored data; therefore, it is a big concern for many businesses. Critically confidential information like customer or employee information, insurance policy details, credit card information, and other aspects –risk being manipulated or lost in the network of being transferred. To avoid this, MFT avails secure transfer of data and the ability to monitor and store confidential information.
  • Keep up with the Trends: With how fast technology is advancing and the world is changing around it, it has become challenging to try and adapt to the pace of everything else. But with MFT, you can avail all the modern and trending technological advances – which are forever reforming. You can enjoy MFT on multiple platforms such as phone devices and IT infrastructures, with its efficient and ingenious features.
  • Visual Aspect: It is essential to monitor the status of your data to manage it. With MFT, you are given the advantage of having operational visibility over the transfer and storage of electronic data – which allows them to be prepared for any future risks that can be imposed on the business and cause harm to the system.
  • Overall Enhancement: MFT collectively provides a myriad of benefits to the system of your business, not only concerning storage and transfer of data – but also to give prompting features such as meeting compliance needs, internal and external data movement, secure transfer of even compliance-protected, sensitive, and high-volume data.

Benefits of MFT Services!

To acquire fast and reliable solutions to transfer data, MFT software provides just that concerning the resources, cloud storage, and infrastructure that you currently have. Managing File Transfer Workflows can be handled with more ease and efficiency if you invest in the right MFT tools. It offers extended viewability on the status of the data and allows you to have control over file transfers in a secure way for end-users. Managed File Transfer software eliminates the majority of the guesswork and manual work by providing straightforward end-to-end automation that is dependable – you can indulge in simple MFT processes to initiate or manage related workloads.

  1. Increased Visibility: You can get a full view of the pathway that your transferring data is following, that too, in real-time. This allows you to avoid any future risks by being able to predict them. Moreover, real-time 360 degrees visual lets you make immediate changes if needed. With this feature, businesses can check who is transferring data, what destination it is going to, and which system it's going through. Any potential issues such as delay in the transfer or failed transfer can be detected and omitted.
  2. Regulate with Compliances: Failures in compliance to legislature and industry such as insurance details, employee data, and more can cause issues in the relative smooth sailing of your business. Adding to this, you will have to pay significant fines, as well. With the help of thorough audit trails, you can sanction regulatory compliance.
  3. Data Security: Encryption of internal and external data is availed by MFT tools when the information is being transferred or even if it's stored. With the advanced capabilities of MFT, the electronic transfer of data is protected at multiple layers due to its protocol inspection and session breaks.
  4. Simple and Easy to Use: MFT processes are user-friendly and straightforward. They offer timely data transfer on flexible grounds, with a range of activities that are compatible with almost all devices and IT infrastructure.
  5. It comes with an automatic transfer restart feature; when the software detects an error, it can start the process again.
  6. It avails of advanced parallel features.

The Best Managed File Transfer Services

1. ActiveBatch – GET DEMO

To create and monitor end-to-end workflows – ActiveBatch is one of the best MFT software that you can invest in. It avails a myriad of production-ready actions which eliminate the need to script and make valuable IT staffers do manual work where they could have helped in more business-critical jobs. ActiveBatch lets you indulge in simple data transfer functions and also offers features for the bigger picture. It comes with an integrated Jobs Library that allows you to create and automate end-to-end workflows that enhance electronic data transfer efficiency and speed.


Key Features:

  • Provides support for Secure File Transfer Protocols and helps in ensuring that the secure data transfer follows the regulatory compliance standards.
  • It comes with built-in checks to make sure that file transfer is successful.
  • It has advanced parallel transfer abilities.
  • Avails advanced trigger suite for items such as large files, or sensitive information.

You can get a demo.

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It is best for secure storage and transfer of your files, huge ones. has inbounded files inboxes, as well as file requests – this allows you to organize and sort data systematically. Rather than sending the data through suspicious pathways, allows the recipient to access a secure link with the needed information and retrieve the files. This tool proves to be highly beneficial for companies in electronic data transfer.

Files - Users view

Key Features

  • Compatible with almost all devices and is simple to use.
  • Avails secure syncing and mounting will create any cloud or server for ease of storage of the data.
  • Can connect with any app.
  • Offers fast upload and download with a secure link.
  • Especially for huge files (up to 5TB), proves to be highly ingenious.

You can check out all the features on a 7-day free trial.

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3. Globalscape Software EFT

For mission-critical and complex transfer of files, Globalscape is a great MFT tool. It works well for simple uses in daily tasks, as well. This is an Enhanced File Transfer software that offers a simple user interface with excellent performance comprehensiveness. It avails compliance and security with powerful tools ingenious for analysis, collaboration, and automation of processes. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

Globalscape Software EFT

Key Features:

  • Gives you the ability to have complete visibility, as well as, access to reporting, and auditing.
  • Globalscape can automate workflows and allows you to have monitoring features over folders.
  • Offers data encryption on the move, and even at rest – to ensure secure and compliant data transfer.
  • Comes with a two-factor authentication feature.

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4. Cleo MFT

With the platform of the instinctive self-service framework of Cleo MFT software, you find the perfect match for data analytics, business continuity, and compliance in the modern age. You can build and deploy self-made integrations with this MFT tool. For multi-enterprise file transfer, the Cleo Integration Cloud comes in especially handy. Whether it is a transfer in the same system or enabling several connections, Cleo's solutions can help you with all of it.

Cleo MFT Services

Key Features:

  • Provides a broader range of connectivity options.
  • Supports more than 20 protocols.
  • Support modern DevOps deployment.
  • Offers high-speed transfer of files (up to 3TB per hour).
  • For compliance, it offers audit trails, reporting, and viewability dashboards.

Website Link:

5. Pro2col MFT

It is one of the best MFT software, which avails predictable fixed costs and comes with the latest innovations. Pro2col offers four solutions for Managed File Transfer Analytics, Cloud MFT, secure file sharing, and email. With a guarantee of 99.99% uptime, this software provides military-grade cloud hosting. It allows you to enjoy ingenious features with reliability and efficiency.

pro2col MFT

Key Features:

  • It comes with an onset of highly beneficial features such as; self-service abilities, security, and monitoring of various MFT platforms, dashboard, and self-service portal.
  • Comes with Managed File Transfer Analytics to let you monitor the status and information of transferred files.
  • Provides automation of file transfer, visibility, and reporting.

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6. HelpSystems GoAnywhere

This MFT software has a centralized enterprise-level approach and thus, becomes an all-in-one MFT solution. It is one of the best tools for the automation and security of file transfers. Deployment of HelpSystemsGoAnywhere can be done in hybrid environments, on-premises, and in the cloud. It supports the majority of servers and offers a simple user interface. This tool also sends you notifications on SMS or Email about completed or failed transfers.

goanywhere Managed File Transfer

Key Features:

  • Offers different types of secure file transfer protocols, with its intuitive browser-based interface.
  • You can run multi-step workflows to encrypt, transfer, and process files.
  • It can be integrated with pre-existing scripts, programs, applications.
  • Allows you to schedule transfer to run at a specific time.
  • Supports multiple operating systems, including, Windows, Linux, AIX, IBM, etc.
  • Monitors directories that contain new files.

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7. MOVEit

It provides an MFT solution that gives you complete visibility and control over the activities involving file transfer. MOVEit is one of the best MFT software for core business processes, as it avails compliant and secure electronic data transfer between different servers or ones in the same system. It is a HIPAA compliant and auditor-certified PCI.

Progress MOVEit

Key Features:

  • Integrates all activities of file transfer in one system for better visibility and control to monitor.
  • Provides centralized access controls, security, encryption of files, and tracking of activity.
  • Secure transfer of internal and external files.
  • Offers a single point for all transfers.
  • Offers Email and Web transfer, Multi-Tenancy, API, Mobile access, Desktop client and more.

Website Link:

8. Coviant Diplomat MFT

To control, integrate, and automate the secure transfer of files, Coviant Diplomat is one of the best MFT software. It can showcase its capabilities to transfer files to any endpoint. There are three editions of the solutions that it avails. Depending on the types of services you require, the resources you have, and the scale of your business, you can choose the solution that is best for you.

Diplomat Remote Agent

Key Features:

  • It avails features to encrypt, decrypt, verify and sign files with OpenPGP keys.
  • You can have access to job history reports due to the audit trail.
  • Transfer files to and from public and private cloud sites.
  • Transfer files through email, HTTP, HTTPS, and SMB services.
  • Allows you to restart and stop the scheduling of file transfer jobs.

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9. Redwood MFT

It helps in keeping the business responsive and connected and is excellent for data management. Secure transfer of information and accurate control of data is one of its best features. It scans local and remote directories for any new changes and deletes them automatically. Provides a user-friendly interface to monitor all transfer activity.

Redwood MFT

Key Features:

  • It supports your data architectures.
  • You can improve your service levels as it reduces the time between simultaneous activities and file transfers.
  • It gives you full and fast reporting on outcomes.
  • Allows you to automate file transfer between on-premises mainframe, distributed, and hybrid cloud.

Website Link:

10. Accellion MFT

Large-scale file transfers become a big hassle when there are issues in networking. With Accellion MFT, you are provided with a graphical dashboard that allows you to have complete visibility of data transfer and lets you manage, recover, and monitor the transfers. It uses AV, DLP, CDR, and ATP to scan all files before transferring.

Accellion MFT

Key Features:

  • The automation servers can access data in file shares, folders, repositories, and cloud shares.
  • Through security analysis, you can get end-to-end visibility on the content.
  • Provides a web-based UI to manage, monitor and recover transfers.
  • It offers granular policy controls, which avoids any violations of compliances.
  • Allows you to schedule transfer or start it manually

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The above MFT software has provided a critical impression and general idea of their most notable features. If your requirement seems to be potentially fulfilled by one or more of these tools, you must conduct more profound research. It will help you understand more about the software and what it entails.