14 Best Event Log Monitor Tools for Analyzing SIEM

best event log monitor and siem tools and software

Marc Wilson

Event logging has two distinct halves, both of which are invaluable to maintaining a smooth and reliably functioning environment.

One half is troubleshooting – whenever there's an issue the event log is, bar none, the best place to look to ferret out exactly where the problem lies. Just as important as repairing, however, is prevention!

Here is our list of the ten top event log monitoring tools:

  1. SolarWinds Security Event Manager – EDITOR’S CHOICE This software package is a log manager as well as a security monitoring system. It collects Event messages from Windows and its applications, Syslog, and logs data from a wide range of packages, including AVs and firewalls, and then scans them for signs of attack. Runs on Windows Server. Start a 30-day free trial.
  2. Datadog Log Management – FREE TRIAL Two log management services from a cloud platform – one for log collection and the other for log archive management.
  3. Sematext Logs – FREE TRIAL A SaaS platform that collects, consolidates, and files log messages and includes access to files and a data viewer for searching data.
  4. LogFusion A basic log file viewer that is available in free and paid version. Both editions run on Windows and Windows Server.
  5. Netwrix Event Log Manager A free log server, consolidator, and log file manager. This tool specializes in Windows Event Logs and it runs on Windows Server.
  6. Splunk A highly respected free log manager that has paid add-ons for specific functions, such as security analysis.
  7. WhatsUpGold Log Management Suite A log manager that collects Event Log, Syslog, and IIS messages. It also manages files and includes a data viewer and analyzer. Runs on Windows Server.
  8. Tripwire Log Center A collector and manager for Event Log messages that feeds through to Tripwire’s full SIEM systems. Installs on Windows Server.
  9. Quest InTrust This collector, manager, and viewer for Event Logs and Syslog messages adds compression to reduce storage size. Runs on Windows Server.
  10. Corner Bowl Server Manager This tool collects Syslog, Event Log, and Azure AD logs. It then consolidates and manages the messages in files. This is also a log analyzer with HIPAA and PCI-DSS reporting capabilities. Runs on Windows and Windows Server.
  11. LogRhythm A very comprehensive log manager that is designed to participate in a wider security platform. Installs on a bare metal server.

Accurate monitoring and real-time analysis of event logs can provide clues to upcoming problems well before they strike.

Even strict regulatory needs, such as HIPAA, can be carefully monitored and audited using event logs.

There's almost no part of a computer environment that cannot be better maintained or, when the time comes, repaired than with the avid use and management of event logs.

Event logging is not a thorn without its rose, and that's why Event Log Management tools and programs are powerful.

Systems, both client and server, generate a huge number of events, and it's incredibly easy for the useful information to be completely lost in the signal to noise ratio; there's quite a lot of noise.

Too often important information can be lost in the sea of superfluous errors without the help of management software to sift through it all.

On the software-focused side of things, event logging is incredibly useful when applications just aren't cooperating with the user.

Whether it's a program faulting on a client machine, in which cause the event log will quickly point you to the offending DLL or other failure point, or an unhappy Exchange server that isn't transmitting the way you'd expect, at which point the event log will get you zeroed in quickly on where to put your troubleshooting efforts.

Ultimately event logs tend to be just too unwieldy and time consuming to peruse in their raw state.

That's where Event Log Management makes any technician's life, and job, easier – software that can quickly, intelligently, and reliably make the proverbial needle in a haystack search far easier while simultaneously monitoring in real-time for hints of issues to come.

What should you look for in Windows Event message management tools?

We reviewed the market for SIEM log managers and analyzed the options based on the following criteria:

  • A system that can collect, consolidate, display, file, and manage Windows Event messages
  • A service that can integrate Syslog and Event messages
  • A dashboard that includes pre-set event analysis
  • Automated security breach detection
  • The option to load historical records into a data analyzer
  • A no-cost assessment period or a free tool
  • A good price that offers a bargain for the quality of tools offered or a no-cost tool

With these selection criteria in mind, we have found a number of good log management systems that will handle Windows Events messages. Some of these services are software packages, while others are cloud-based SaaS platforms.

Here's the Best Event Log Monitoring & Management Software of 2021:

For people looking for Event Log Monitoring & Management Software, here's a list of the best tools we found:

1. SolarWinds Security Event  Manager – FREE TRIAL

SolarWinds Security Event Manager PCI Events

2. Datadog Log Management – FREE TRIAL

Datadog Log Monitoring

Datadog is a cloud platform that offers a range of system monitoring and management tools, including log management functions. There are two log management systems available from Datadog.

The first Datadog log management tool to consider is called Ingest. This collects log messages, stores them in a meaningful format and enables log message viewing and analysis. The log collector is able to take in messages from a long list of systems, including Syslog and Event Log messages.

The second log management system available from Datadog is called Retain or Rehydrate. This is a log archiving system that enables archived logs to be brought back live on demand.

Price: The Ingest service is priced at a rate of $0.10 per GB of processed data per month. The Retain or Rehydrate price depends on your preferred retention period. A 7-day retention period costs $1.27 per million log events per month. Options extend up to a 60-day retention period, which costs $4.10 per million log events per month.

Official site:

Datadog Free Trial

3. Sematext Logs – FREE TRIAL

Sematext Logs

Sematext Logs is a hosted implementation of the Elastic Stack (ELK). This package collects, consolidates, and stores log messages.

The package includes Kibana, a data viewer. This has the capability of analyzing data. You can set up scripts to look for specific events, such as security anomalies.

The log consolidator is called Logstash and it can feed logs directly into Kibana as they arrive. You can also send live network monitoring data into Kibana to identify traffic anomalies.

Price: Free version.

  • Standard edition starting at $50 per month.
  • Pro edition starting at $60 per month.

Download link: Get a 14-day free trial:

Sematext Free Trial

4. LogFusion

logfusion screenshot

LogFusion is somewhat basic in what it does, but it does it in a way that's clean and concise.

It handles text based log dumps, event logs, remote logging, and even event and remote event channels as well!

The free version has much of the same features as the licensed versions, but many of the convenience and ease-of-use features are locked from free, such as search-as-you-type filtering, customizable columns, tabbed interface, and other more quality-of-life based functionality.

Price: Free version is available, Pro version also available starting as low as $9 per license

Download link:

5. Netwrix Event Log Manager

netwrix auditor for siem

The Netwrix Event Log Manager can be considered a simpler and light version of their Auditor software.

The Log Manager is freeware and handles all the basic needs such as consolidation of events from an entire network in a single place for review, real-time e-mail alerting of critical events, some limited amount of alert criteria filtering, and some archiving ability (limited to one month.)

A larger network of systems or one where security and prompt alerting are key would have a hard time getting by on the freeware version alone, however.

Price: Freeware, Netwrix also has a trial for a more robust Auditor software for event logs


6. Splunk

splunk log monitoring and siem

Splunk is a log management program which does a great job encapsulating data from an entire range of devices across a network.

It also has the ability to be expanded via add-ons and plugin apps to increase its already powerful core functionality!

Splunk is also unusually flexible by merit of being able to work fully on-site, hybrid on-site/cloud, or fully in a cloud environment to ease remote management, all while scaling excellently all the way from small offices to multiple data-centers!

Price: Free


7. Progress WhatsUp Gold Log Management Suite

whatsupgold event logging gui

WhatsUp Gold, by Progress Software Corporation, is a well-known system monitoring tool. However, the product line also includes a less-well-known log file manager, called the Log Management Suite, which installs on Windows Server.

The Log Management Suite is an Event Log server. It captures Event logs as they circulate around the system and stores them in rotated files held in a meaningful directory structure. The service also acts as a Syslog server and it is capable of managing IIS log messages as well.

In addition to its capture and log file creation capabilities, the Log Management Suite can archive, restore, and protect log files. The suite includes a file viewer that has sorting, grouping, and filtering abilities to support analysis. The pack includes pre-written report formats that can be applied to log data stores. These are available in editions to comply with HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, PCI, MiFID, Basel II and other data security standards.

Price: Progress doesn’t publish its prices for the Log Management Suite. Contact the Sales team for a quote.

Official site:

8. Tripwire Log Center

tripwire log managment center

TripWire's Log Center is focused more on the security-minded with tools that excel at identifying and responding to threats while swiftly assuring that all devices and traffic meet proper compliance, even for the most strict regulatory needs!

This software is less of an all encompassing tool and is more of a precision one for making sure that your environment is compliant and secure, and helps assure that by merit of extensive backup and protection features on top of log management and analysis.

Price: Free demo on website, must request quote for pricing information but ballparks in the $7,000 range for the core with additional cost per server/desktop monitored


9. Quest InTrust

dell intrust

InTrust's aim is to help make managing large amounts of information in a broad environment easier and, ultimately, cheaper as well.

It helps reduce storage and data management costs with intelligent compression and also has excellent features for auditing security practices to be certain regulatory needs are met.

InTrust also has a broad ability to perform analysis on logged events on almost any scale.

Price: Free trial, must request quote for pricing information


10. Corner Bowl Server Manager

Veriato Server Manager

Previously under the monikers of SpectorSoft andVeriato's Server Manager, Corner Bowl Server Manager is a very cost effective tool, even at the enterprise level, that still offers much of the same power and versatility as some of the other options.

It has a centralized management console for disk monitoring, log management, reporting and alerts.

The program even boasts reports specifically for meeting HIPAA, PCA, and other tough regulatory guidelines that some software would shy away from.

Price: Free trial, 10 node perpetual license as low as $84


11. LogRhythm

log rhythm monitor

LogRhythm is a program that beautifully marries management of logs and events into a single smooth interface.

It handles the gathering of log data from applications and databases alike from all sources available and even has automated archival and retrieval for searching.

A great deal of the management aspect is fully automated, though still able to be manually adjusted as needed.

Price: Online demo available, must request quote for pricing information


12. SumoLogic

sumo logic monitoring

SumoLogic is somewhat unique in that it is a primarily cloud-based tool, which means that access need not be restricted by availability of a particular system or operating environment, and grants a great deal more freedom for a technician often traveling.

One of its more unique features is that forensics are run as separate threads which can help to spread and isolate resource use in cloud space.

Lastly, SumoLogic is intelligently segmented, meaning it's incredibly easy to add, and remove, whatever is necessary to have the perfect sized solution for supporting your environment without wasting resources.

Price: Free trial, also data-volume limited version freely available, price starts at $90 per 1GB/day, with an annual pre-pay of $108 on monthly billing; different pricing available for enterprise level


13. EventTracker Log Manager

eventracker log manager

EventTracker's Log Manager goes beyond Windows and server logs and encompasses everything it can grab – Linux, Unix, Syslog, and Windows logs, which is goes deeper into than other programs by grabbing all the Security, Application, and Error logs for analysis.

All of this ties up neatly with a powerful visual front end which fits perfectly the technician who works better with an interface littered with intuitive graphs and charts.

Price: Free trial, starting at $2,995 per year for 50 logged sources and 1000 events/second


14. Logscape

logscape manager

Logscape is a somewhat specialized tool but it makes up for that by merit of being quite powerful.

It has almost unlimited ability to visualize, analyze, and search log information of nearly any size, which is something that other programs start to slow down or balk at the prospect of doing!

It's front-end is heavily customizable to make it easier to quickly glimpse the information that is only most pertinent to your needs.

Price: Free trial with daily data limit, must request quote for pricing information


15. CorreLog

CorreLog SIEM Tool

CorreLog takes an approach focused more heavily on the real-time management aspect.

The software carefully grabs and assesses every bit of event information as it happens and quickly brings to your attention things of concern.

Coupled with a centralized control interface for managing and collecting data makes it a powerful piece of software.

Most interestingly, CorreLog even boasts algorithms that self-learn, making it capable of gradually improving at the tasks it is assigned with regards to event management.

Pricing: Free trial, must request quote for pricing information



Across any environment the amount of logged information is positively staggered – in smaller offices or lesser enterprise situations it may be possible for a capable team of technicians to stay on top of it all, but even then it's ultimately a waste of time.

Having a solid solution for Event Management removes all the guess work and grunt work from sorting through the vast swathes of data, and powerful real-time analytics and forensics cannot be underestimated when it comes to keeping things running smoothly without dramatic outages or security flaws.

Any environment lacking a reliable solution for keeping a close watch on Event Logs is one that is dangerously unaware of what trouble could already be brewing unseen.

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