10 Best Device Control Software

Best Device Control Software

Diego Asturias

In March 2021, Dobbins, a former employee of a medical device packaging company, was charged with a criminal complaint about hacking into the company’s network. He granted himself administrative privileges and deleted close to 120,000 shipping records. Such an event led to a significant delay in the medical equipment delivery to healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without some data loss prevention or device control, former employees such as Dobbins, with access to inside resources can easily exfiltrate data, expose it, sell it, sabotage it, or even hijack systems. But that is not all. The unaware and innocent work-from-home employees may also fall victim to scams and infiltrate Malware that creates havoc on an internal network.

In this post, we’ll go through the top ten best device control software. These tools include software solutions that range in capabilities such as monitoring and blocking USB devices, preventing unencrypted transfers, or blocking all ports from specific types of devices.

Here is our list of the best Best Device Control Software:

  1. CrowdStrike Falcon Device Control – FREE TRIAL An advanced device control tool that automatically discovers, monitors, and protects USB device storage. Get a 15-day free trial.
  2. Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys An industry-leading cross-platform DLP solution. It protects data by controlling devices, enforcing USB encryption, and more.
  3. ManageEngine Device Control Plus An endpoint security solution that monitors and controls multiple built-in peripherals, USBs, and devices.
  4. Symantec Data Loss Prevention by Broadcom An endpoint security and management leader. Symantec DLP protects data on endpoints, networks, and the cloud.
  5. McAfee DLP Its core DLP functionalities include discovery, prevention, monitoring, endpoint protection, device control, and cloud integration.
  6. Ivanti Device Control (Neurons) A device control solution allows you to discover, manage, control, and secure resources using a zero-trust approach.
  7. ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced A software bundle includes endpoint antivirus, disk encryption, mobile security, and file server security with device control capabilities.
  8. Acronis DeviceLock DLP A robust data loss protection solution including event logging, data shadowing, and alerting capabilities.
  9. DriveLock A zero-trust platform that provides DLP capabilities, device control, and protection from Malware. It is Common Criteria EAL 3+ certified.
  10. Incydr by Code42 A next-gen SaaS data loss protection and prevention (DLP) solution.

What is Device Control Software? And how can it help prevent data loss?

External drives or USB pen drives may be used to exfiltrate or steal internal data such as intellectual data, proprietary code, designs, plans, financial records, or customer lists, so they must be monitored and controlled in real-time. In addition, these devices may also infiltrate Malware, Trojan Horses, or malicious scripts that pose a potential risk to the organization.

Device control software allows you to monitor and control such removable devices. Device control is a crucial component within any solid and successful Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. To achieve this, the device control software does the following:

  • Monitor data transfers from different removable devices.
  • Allow or block access to removable devices like notebooks, smartphones, PCs, etc.
  • Prevent transfers from unencrypted data or unauthorized devices.
  • If data is unencrypted, some device control solutions can enforce encryption.

1. CrowdStrike Falcon Device Control – FREE TRIAL

CrowdStrike Falcon Device Control

CrowdStrike is a leader in next-generation endpoint protection, A/V (AntiVirus), threat intelligence, and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) services. The core technology, CrowdStrike Falcon, is a software bundle designed to prevent and respond to all types of attacks and threats. One of the crucial elements that build up that bundle is the Falcon Device Control. 

The CrowdStrike Falcon Device Control scans for data exfiltration attacks. The software is deployed on endpoints alongside the Falcon Prevent, an EDR package protecting against threats and vulnerabilities. The Falcon Device Control is designed to provide automatic discovery, visibility, and protection for USB device usage.

Key Features

  • Sophisticated USB port activity, scanning, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Pre-built dashboard with search capabilities.
  • Control data that passes through devices (USB or memory devices).
  • Create a permit-all and deny-few or deny-all and permit-few.
  • Block/allow specific types of devices.
  • It uses AI and ML with advanced EDR.

How to Buy? If you already own a license of Falcon Pro, Falcon Enterprise, or Falcon Premium, you can add a subscription to the CrowdStrike Falcon Device Control.

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2. Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys

Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys

CoSoSys Endpoint Protector is an industry-leading cross-platform Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. It is a 2020 winner of the Cyber Security “Excellence Awards,” 2020 Infosec Awards Winner, and the 2020 Computing Security Awards Finalist. Its platform is available as a cloud service (AWS, Azure, and GCP) or as a virtual appliance.

Endpoint Protector provides diverse capabilities to protect your data, including intellectual property protection or Personal Identifiable Information protection. The tool uses sophisticated text-categorization technology known as N-gram to identify intellectual property and monitor and control transfers accurately. The software also uses the eDiscovery feature to scan and protect personal information.

Device control capabilities

Its device control capabilities allow you to discover, lockdown, manage, and granularly control devices based on vendor ID, product ID, and serial number. You can also control the device’s USB and peripheral ports.

  • Content-aware protection. Monitor, scan, control, and block transfers based on content and context inspection.
  • They enforce USB encryption. Encrypt and secure USB devices by protecting data in transit.
  • eDiscovery. Discover, encrypt, or remove sensitive data via manual or automatic scans.
  • Compliance and Regulations. Achieve compliance and regulations of HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, SOX, and others.

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3. ManageEngine Device Control Plus

ManageEngine Device Control Plus

ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp, is an industry-leading provider of IT management software. More than 50,000 organizations use their software in more than 200 countries.

The ManageEngine Device Control Plus DLP software is an endpoint security solution that monitors and controls various built-in peripherals, USBs, and devices. It scans, controls, and blocks devices (including removable media, such as drives, auxiliary ports, and USBs) in real-time from doing unauthorized data transfers.

Key Features

  • Enforce device control policies for safeguarding data.
  • Set restrictions based on file size and type.
  • Use a zero-trust approach, where you can deny all and permit a few trusted devices.
  • Grant temporary access to third-party devices for a limited time.
  • Generate granular audits and reports for keeping track of who is using what device.
  • Receive instant alerts in case of unauthorized access.

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4. Symantec Data Loss Prevention by Broadcom

Symantec Data Loss Prevention by Broadcom

Symantec, acquired by Broadcom in 2019, is an all-time cybersecurity industry favorite. Its endpoint security and management, web security, data loss prevention, email security, and privileged access management. Symantec has been awarded the “2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice for Endpoint Detection and Response” and the “Best Cross-Platform Endpoint Protection of 2020 by AV-Test”.

Symantec DLP is their data loss prevention solution for data stored on endpoints, on-premises, and the cloud. It is famous for its capability to combine user activity monitoring with data risk controls. It gives you full device control capabilities with policy violations and abnormal user behaviors monitoring from a singular Symantec DLP for endpoints.

Key Features

  • It helps you mitigate data breaches and compliance risks (HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS standards.)
  • The software discovers, monitors, protects and removes any sensitive data.
  • Enable DLP Endpoint Discover and DLP Endpoint Prevent through its lightweight endpoint agent.
  • Block and allow devices using endpoint protection.
  • Protect devices, data, or sensitive information with encryption.

How to Buy? Contact Broadcom sales.

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5. McAfee DLP

McAfee DLP

McAfee is one of the largest dedicated security IT companies. They provide proactive solutions and services that protect end-users and their data from virtually any online threat. In addition, they offer a data loss prevention solution in one suite, known as McAfee DLP. The suite includes McAfee DLP Discover, McAfee DLP Prevent, McAfee DLP Monitor, McAfee DLP Endpoint, McAfee Device Control, and MVISION Cloud Integration.

The McAfee DLP platform allows you to deploy and manage standard policies from a central platform. Use the typical policy engine across on-premise resources, the cloud, or endpoints. You don’t need to recreate the policies to protect the same data; just synchronize them to affect any environment. Plus, you can manage all DLP violations and reports from the same platform, regardless their source is on-premises or cloud applications.

Key Features

  • Ensure compliance by generating automated detailed audits and reports.
  • Use the MVISION ePO, centralized incident management, and reporting dashboard.
  • Identify, classify, and protect sensitive intellectual property and business-critical data regardless of its environment.
  • Data transfers that violate policies can be encrypted, redirected, quarantined, or blocked.
  • Find sensitive data and enforce DLP policies.

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6. Ivanti Device Control (Neurons)

Ivanti Device Control (Neurons)

Ivanti is a developer of IT security, IT Service & Asset Management, Unified Endpoint Management, and Identity Management software. The company was named ITSM leader by the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools.

Ivanti uses the following flow: Discover every endpoint > Manage and control them from a single console > Secure them with zero-trust and access technology > provide Service and asset management.

Ivanti provides a device control solution that lets you enforce security policies for removable devices (USBs, pen drives, printers) and data. Regardless of the device type plugged into the network, the software ensures the internal sensitive data can’t be transferred. In addition, Ivanti protects the internal network and endpoints from external threats like Malware.

Key Features

  • Centralized management and control.
  • Visualize, monitor, and control devices in real-time.
  • Permit-list or deny-list to centrally manage devices.
  • Grant temporary or scheduled access for devices or users.
  • Ivanti Neurons uses AI and ML to provide actionable insights.
  • Enforce security policies on removable devices with endpoint encryption.

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7. ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced

ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced

ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced is a software bundle comprising Endpoint Antivirus, Full Disk Encryption, Cloud Sandbox, Mobile Security, File Server Security, and Endpoint Security. Besides providing robust device control, ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced keeps your endpoints secure from ransomware attacks, zero-day risks, and other threats.

The ESET File Server Security is an advanced protection module for data passing through all kinds of servers, including cloud-based servers (OneDrive) and network file storage devices. The module provides automatic device control for USBs, CDs, and DVDs. It allows you to scan, block, permit, or adjust permissions to access and use a specific device.

Key Features

  • An easy-to-use cloud-based console.
  • Prevent Ransomware and data breaches.
  • Detect zero-day threats.
  • Protect your endpoints from botnet control.

The ESET Full Disk Encryption is another critical component for device control, as it provides encryption capabilities managed by the ESET remote management console. This module helps you encrypt (and activate) system disks, partitions, and devices.

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8. Acronis DeviceLock DLP

Acronis DeviceLock DLP

Acronis is a Singapore-based data protection and cybersecurity solutions provider. They provide services to over 5.5 million home users and close to 500,000 companies. Acronis offers the DeviceLock DLP, an endpoint data loss prevention solution tailored for businesses, among their comprehensive list of products and services. This solution is designed to reduce the risk of insider-related data leaks and threats.

DeviceLock DLP includes event logging, data shadowing, and alerting. But the most significant capability to control devices is its fine-grained contextual control based on multiple factors such as: 

  • User authentication
  • Security control memberships
  • Data types
  • Device types
  • Network protocols
  • The direction of data flows
  • Media state
  • SSL encryption
  • Data and time
  • And many more

Aside from allowing you to enforce such controls, the software also analyzes and filters content to permit/deny data access and transfers. In addition, the software protects endpoints based on local data channels, including USB or FireWire, Bluetooth, WiFi, SMBs, printers, mobiles, social networks, Memory cards, FTP/FTPS, Torrents, forums, etc. Such channels can be blocked, allowed, alerted, or logged.

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9. DriveLock


DriveLock is a German-based IT and data security company. They are focused on protecting corporate data, devices, and systems by using the zero-trust approach. DriveLock has been awarded a TOP innovator by Infosec Awards, ISG Provider Lens, and Trust Seal. In 2021, DriveLock was also awarded Champion in the endpoint category by the “Professional User Rating Security Solutions 2021”.

DriveLock is a fully integrated zero-trust platform that provides data loss prevention, device control, and protection from Malware, Ransomware, and zero-day exploits. It helps you enforce a device control policy, which lets you decide which devices and external drives connect (or not) to your corporate network. You can configure policies to suppress CD and DVD burners proactively or simply prevent transfers from unencrypted data transfers or unauthorized media devices.

Key Features

  • Common Criteria EAL 3+ certified. Evaluation Assurance Level 3+ for Application Control and Device Control solutions.
  • Control devices by creating a permit list or deny list for specific devices.
  • Monitor data transfers made via USB devices.
  • Encrypt hard disks, external media, or files stored in a local or remote repository.
  • Extensive forensics analysis and reporting capabilities.

Different operating systems and end devices support the solution. It can be deployed as an on-premise or cloud-based solution.

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10. Incydr by Code42

Incydr by Code42

Code42 is a cybersecurity company focused on insider risk protection. The company has been awarded “Silver Winner” of the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards as Best Cybersecurity Company in North America, and winner of the PG’s 2020 Global Excellence Awards, as Best Insider Threat Solution.

Code42 provides Incydr, a next-gen SaaS data loss protection, and prevention (DLP) solution. Incydr helps you mitigate insider risks, such as data exfiltration and exposure. For example, it can be integrated into cloud storage services to help detect and respond when end-users share the corporate’s sensitive data via such cloud services. In addition, it can also see when a device or smartphone is used to send a sensitive file attached to an email to an unknown recipient.

Key Features

  • Detect files downloaded from corporate networks onto unknown devices.
  • Respond to data exfiltration events.
  • Detect using dashboards, alerts, and lenses.
  • Monitor and control removable media devices (USBs, SD Card ports, and eSata).

To buy Incyder, contact Code42 sales.

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Final Words

Use device control software and avoid data exfiltration and other insider risks. Fortunately, you can start today!

Most of the ten best device control software shown here provides a 30-day free trial.