10 Best Database Backup Tools

Best Database Backup Tools

Scott Pickard

Databases store some of the most crucial data for your business, whether financial data, user data, or otherwise important information that you need to stay in business. Protecting this information is therefore incredibly important, and one of the best ways to mitigate disaster is through backup solutions.

These ten tools provide all you need to backup your databases, either to the cloud or on-prem storage.

Here is our list of the best database backup tools:

  1. N-able Backup A backup solution that prioritizes convenience to provide a fully-featured database backup tool that you can rely on. The product comes with a suite of readily available tools for security and fast recovery.
  2. Commvault Backup and Recovery Provides a single central management point for various data sources, including suitable on-prem and cloud backup environments.
  3. Ottomatik A simple and somewhat minimalistic approach to database backups that prides itself on fast installation and rapid recovery.
  4. Comet Backup A backup platform with several valuable features, including ‘chunking’ technology to compress data for faster delivery while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements.
  5. Acronis Cyber Backup A solution that prioritizes security by combining a highly protected backup environment with an anti-ransomware toolset.
  6. Quest Rapid Recovery Offering the fastest recovery options available, this solution boasts ‘near-zero recovery periods and prioritizes speed above all else.
  7. inSync Data Backup A SaaS backup solution combines several valuable data loss prevention systems to provide an excellent backup utility.
  8. Backup Ninja A budget solution with a free version available or premium options to expand on database backup requirements.
  9. Iperius Backup An older but reliable solution with complete backup and restore features combined with encryption and integration with other Iperius products.
  10. SQLBackupAndFTP It is a free solution with an optional professional version that provides the barebones of SQL database backups but achieves its advertised functions excellently.

This article discusses ten different database backup solutions that can protect your data, whether stored via MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or other means. Most of the solutions on this list are offered as software as a service (SaaS), which is typically the best method of modeling backup services since they provide the reliability of a hosted cloud solution while structuring costs around usage and demand.

Priority Features

Generally speaking, each of the solutions prioritizes one aspect of database backups. This could be speed, security, convenience, etc., but they all typically include the same set of fundamental features while orienting themselves around the thing that makes each product stand out. Therefore, when considering which backup service is best for you, it’s a good idea to consider what features you would prioritize first.

  • Speed typically means faster data recovery, which is essential when your business relies on a perpetually live customer-facing environment, where recovery periods equate to lost money.
  • Security is always vital, especially if you hold customer data or vulnerable financial data within your databases. Encryption is the mainstay security feature, but also user privilege assignments and anti-ransomware technology.
  • Convenience is a catch-all for the general experience. Still, usually, you would want your backup solution to work in the background and, in many respects, be wholly forgettable or unnoticeable.

Take the time to think about what features you need to prioritize while planning for your database solution. Fortunately, almost all (bar one) of the answers on this article come with some form of free trial for you to take advantage of to test out the product yourself.

The Best Database Backup Tools

1. N-able Backup

N-able Backup

N-Able Backup is an online backup tool that unifies your backup requirements with a desire to make your backup solutions as convenient and straightforward as possible. The solution provides physical and virtual server backups and has recovery testing options for future-proofing and ensures that the solution best works for you.

N-Able Backup has a full archiving feature and file restoration utility that can help in the case of corrupt or lost files. These features extend to full Office 365 integration and support. In addition, all of your data backups can be viewed and configured from a central web dashboard.

Key Features

  • SaaS backup platform
  • Central dashboard
  • Archiving without extra costs
  • Recovery testing
  • Physical & virtual backups

N-Able supports MS SQL, Oracle, and MySQL and several virtual platforms such as VMWare and Hyper-V. A full 30-day free trial is available on the website for you to test out the features and backup capabilities.

They have several options for you to choose from in terms of premium services past the free trial. In addition, you can contact the company directly for a personalized quote on pricing for each of the options.

2. Commvault Backup and Recovery

Commvault Backup and Recovery

The Commvault Backup and Recovery solution provides a single backup point for numerous data sources, including databases, among others. In addition, the solution simplifies both cloud and on-premises backup environments using the command center, a unified dashboard suite for management and monitoring.

The product offers high-performance backups and granular recovery at fast speeds. Built-in ransomware protection combines with levels of encryption to provide a substantial level of data security. Additionally, it combines with several other Commvault products as part of the Intelligent Data Services package.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive data backups
  • High-performance integrations
  • Granular data recovery
  • Ransomware protection
  • Central dashboard

Commvault has a free trial available for the complete data protection suite, which includes Backup and Recovery. The product supports DB2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and numerous others.

For pricing for the complete product, you’ll need to contact Commvault directly for a personalized quote for the product.

3. Ottomatik


Ottomatik prides itself on the simplistic and somewhat minimalist approach to a SaaS backup service by providing a suite of specific features that are fast and reliable. The installation and integration are quick and easy, and so is recovery, presenting what equates to a ‘1-click’ recovery option to restore data.

The solution provides a lot of security features and team management utilities. For example, you can create custom logins for each team member and break down role permissions while protecting data behind encryption and key authentication.

Key Features

  • SaaS backup platform
  • Fast installation
  • 1-click recovery options
  • Team management
  • Data encryption

Ottomatik supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. It also includes integrations with services like Amazon S3 and Dropbox.

The service options are divided into four different options, both purchasable in monthly or yearly installments. The Lite version has 1GB of hosted storage and costs $14 per month. The Startup option has 5GB of storage and costs $39 per month. Finally, the Professional and Enterprise versions expand to 10GB and 15GB, costing $79 and $139 per month.

 4. Comet Backup

Comet Backup

Comet Backup provides a flexible all-in-one package for your backup demands. The solution provides options for your backup destination, which includes the server location and overall configuration. In addition, backups are fast and secure, with file encryption and client-side deduplication technology.

Comet provides incremental forever backups that employ ‘chunking’ to break down data into compressed and encrypted chunks for better storage and faster delivery. Comet Backup also provides an API for integration expansion with a variety of other customizable data sources.

Key Features

  • Incremental forever backup model
  • Backup destination options
  • Secure encryption
  • Integration API
  • Data compression

The solution has a 30-day free trial available to test out the product's features within your environment. The cost of the complete solution is broken down in terms of specific data set requirements. For example, adding the ‘Microsoft SQL Server’ booster incurs an additional $1 per month per device.

The basic File & Folders Backup product (the base solution without any additions) includes MySQL support and costs $2 per month per device.

5. Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis Cyber Backup combines a reliable backup service utility and anti-ransomware technology to create a secure backup environment. Its focus is on data security, with several measures in place to ensure you can minimize unauthorized access and prevent data loss or exposure.

The software employs encryption to your SQL databases and has a suite of tools for establishing admin roles and user restrictions for better internal security. In addition, the service uses deduplication and a web-based management console to optimize your backup storage setup fully.

Key Features

  • Highly secure backup
  • Storage optimization console
  • Multi-level administration
  • Off-host operations
  • Subscription licensing

There is a 30-day free trial of the service available from the website. For purchasing options, you can break down the products by scale and features. For example, a server license costs $469 for the Standard edition and $709 for the Advanced edition.

The Advanced edition includes additional features such as flexible deployment and VM snapshots, which may be helpful to you depending on your backup requirements.

6. Quest Rapid Recovery

Quest Rapid Recovery

Quest Rapid Recovery is a primary backup and recovery solution oriented around fast recovery (as the name might imply). The solution boasts “near-zero” recovery times with no impact on your users, though the claims undoubtedly rely on the capacity and nature of the recovery required.

The software can create database snapshots with built-in compression and deduplication systems to reduce capacity demands. Backup protection systems such as verified recovery check that backups are functional and recoverable within the current environment, handling what amounts to recovery testing via verification.

Key Features

  • Fast restore technologies
  • Block-level snapshots
  • Integrity checks
  • File prioritization
  • Notification system

Quest Rapid Recovery has a free trial available on the website to test the solution’s full capabilities and ensure it meets your backup needs. However, for specific costs for the complete product, you’ll need to contact Quest directly to receive a personalized quote on the price.

7. inSync Data Backup

inSync Data Backup

The inSync Enterprise Endpoint Data Backup is a comprehensive SaaS backup solution suitable for various backup purposes, including cloud, VM, and most crucially, database backup. The solution uses an incremental forever backup model and uses data loss prevention technology to prevent mishaps while also including a remote wipe feature.

You can produce automated and on-demand compliance reporting and monitoring. The solution offers 256-AES encryption alongside TLS 1.2 encryption for transiting data, ensuring your data is fully secure. Role-based access control lists with customizable user preferences by the group also ensure internal security is enforced.

Key Features

  • SaaS backup platform
  • Incremental forever backup model
  • Data loss prevention systems
  • Role-based access control
  • Data encryption

The solution has a full free trial of the Elite version available on the website. The product is divided into the Enterprise version that costs $8 per endpoint per month, and the Elite version that costs $10 per endpoint per month.

The Elite versions add mostly administration features such as federated metadata searching and eDiscovery features.

8. Backup Ninja

Backup Ninja

Backup Ninja provides a budget solution to database backups and includes an entirely free but fully-featured version, alongside a premium version that offers additional features, including a cloud-hosted option. In addition, the utility provides a single central interface to manage your backups and has cloud integration with S3 object storage.

The product provides automated or on-demand incremental database backups, with options for partial backups too. In addition, a central monitoring dashboard offered includes an overview of your database backup structure, including backup stats and failed backup attempts.

Key Features

  • SaaS backup local or hosted
  • Incremental and partial backup options
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Secure encryption
  • Free version available

Backup Ninja supports MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Percona, and Timescale. The Free Version of Backup Ninja is limited to 1 backup per agent per day and only provides unencrypted local storage. The free version is intended for personal use but might be a viable means of testing the product to see if it suits your requirements.

The Business Plan version costs $40 per agent per month but has unlimited local and cloud backup hosting, with full encryption available.

9. Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup

Iperious Backup is a somewhat older but still fully functional backup solution that comes as a free version or feature-rich premium version – though you’ll need the premium option to support database backups fully. The solution provides complete backup and restores of your databases, secure AES 256 encryption, scheduling options, and other helpful management features.

Iperious also has several other products that can integrate with the Backup solution. Such products include a central management suite, where you can determine specific backup parameters and monitor your backup processes.

Key Features

  • Incremental backups
  • AES 256 encryption
  • Backup scheduling
  • External scripting
  • Iperius Console integration

Iperious supports SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, and other databases. It also supports a variety of virtualization tools and cloud platforms such as Google Drive and Amazon S3.

A free trial is available for the Advanced version, which is the product required for SQL database backup. The Advanced version itself costs around $230 for a permanent license. You can also get the Full version for around $350 that includes all backup types, including SQL, VM, and Office 365.

10. SQLBackupAndFTP


SQLBackupAndFTP is a simple and free database backup solution for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. The product is somewhat barebones compared to other premium products but smoothly handles SQL backups via network or FTP connection. In addition, the solution can integrate with cloud storage such as Onedrive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.

The solution does not provide any form of backup monitoring service or backup scheduling service. Otherwise, it handles all of the fundamental requirements you might expect from a database backup tool.

Key Features

  • Simple SQL Backup
  • Network/FTP Backups
  • Backup notifications via email
  • AES encryption
  • SaaS options

The free version can handle up to 2 databases and handles most of the functions you might require from the product. When you download the free version, you’re automatically given a 14-day free trial of the Professional edition to test out the premium features.

Premium editions expand the capacity and functionality of the product, including the crucial feature of AES Encryption which requires a minimum of the Profesional edition, which costs $129, or $68 per year as a SaaS package.