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The 12 Best App Store Optimization Platforms

Best App Store Optimization Platforms ASO

Diego Asturias

Marketing or promoting your mobile app is not an easy task. How can you make people know about your mobile app? How can you make your app more visible in an already crowded market?

Although there are many ways to expose your mobile app to the world—word-of-mouth marketing being the oldest trick in the hat—there are two popular ways people would find your mobile app and install it on their mobile phone or tablets. Either they find your app through advertising or via the built-in search on app stores.

Fully intended people would usually skip the ads and directly “or organically” search for what they really want. An App Store Optimization (ASO) platform helps you improve the organic app installs— the installs that are obtained through the app store's built-in search.

In this post, we’ll go through the 12 best ASO platforms that will help you monitor the app’s marketplace performance, analyze reviews, track your competition, gain insights, and more.

Here is our list of the twelve Best App Store Optimization Platforms:

  1. AppFollow A robust mobile marketing platform, including ASO, app monitoring, review and rating management, and customer support.
  2. App Tweak An all-in-one data-driven platform for ASO, ads, apps monitoring, and market intelligence.
  3. App Annie A leading provider in intelligence for apps, app store, and usage. App Annie ASO platform provides access to market data and AI/ML analytics.
  4. Asodesk A comprehensive App Store Optimization platform, including keyword research, analytics, app marketing, reviews, and more.
  5. CheckASO A popular ASO tool that provides access to analytics and market data intelligence. CheckASO provides keyword tracking, competition analysis, rankings, and more.
  6. Adjust A leading platform in mobile attribution and marketing analytics.
  7. App Figures An ASO and app store analytics platform. It helps you keep track of trends, downloads, revenues, store performance, and more.
  8. Mighty Signal A mobile app and SDK data web portal. Mighty Signal provides business intelligence for iOS and Android apps.
  9. Gummicube A provider in big data analytics for App Stores. Gummicube develops a leading SaaS ASO platform that provides access to mobile market intelligence and competitive insights.
  10. App Radar An all-in-one platform with ASO and ASA capabilities. AppRadar joined forces with an old-time ASO platform favorite known as TheTool.
  11. SensorTower A provider for market intelligence that is quickly gaining popularity. SensorTower provides mobile app marketing intelligence and ASO capabilities.
  12. SplitMetrics Provider of two amazing mobile marketing solutions, SearchAdsHQ and SplitMetrics. The former provides ASA capabilities and the other, ASO through A/B tests.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving a mobile app's marketing copy, including text, icons, descriptions, titles, keywords, previews, and more, to rank higher and enhance the visibility in app stores such as the Apple App Store or Google Play. ASO is in many ways similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but instead of web traffic, ASO targets mobile apps and app stores.

ASO software provides you with data (market, ads, competition intelligence, trends, etc.) so that you can analyze it, use it to optimize your marketing copy, allow your mobile applications to rank higher, and stand out in the app store's search results. Thus improving organic app installs.

  • Who uses ASO? ASO platforms are used most of the time by app marketers and developers.
  • What is the goal of ASO? The ultimate goal of ASO software is to improve mobile app visibility and the number of downloads via organic app installs.
  • What are the basic functionalities of ASO platforms?
    • Provide keywords data
    • Keep track of rankings in app stores
    • Recommend ways to optimize Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
    • Provide Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    • Optimize app store listing
    • Analyze and track competition

The Best App Store Optimization Platforms

1. AppFollow


AppFollow is an app monitoring, review management, app store optimization (ASO), and customer support platform. AppFollow is known as one of the best tools for keeping track of and responding to app reviews and ratings. It lets you analyze ratings, monitor reviews, reply to reviews and gain insights from user feedback. In addition, it also helps you collect and manage the app’s data to improve conversion rate, app store rankings, and app user loyalty.

AppFollow also allows you to gain insights from your competitors. It enables you to identify their flaws to create strategies to outrank them. The platform also integrates with more than 30 services, including Slack, Basecamp, Zappier, Trello, Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Tableau, and more.


  • Monitor organic traffic and ASO
  • Analyze and respond to app reviews automatically
  • Perform effective ASO keyword research
  • Analyze app downloads and revenue
  • Gain insights from your competitors
  • Discover app store trends

Pricing: Free (from $0/month), Starter (from $111/month), Pro (from $699/month), Enterprise (contact AppFollow sales).

Sign up for an AppFollow free account.

2. AppTweak


AppTweak is an all-in-one platform for ASO, Ad, App, and market intelligence. It is data-driven and designed for apps and games. It provides access to market data and actionable insights to empower mobile apps and games to grow their number of downloads.

The AppTweak platform collects data directly from the App Store’s Similar Apps section. Then, it tracks and stores the data and analyzes it through data science to make sense of it. The data-driven platform defines the KPIs and insights.

AppTweak Highlights

  • Keyword Impact. Gain ASO intelligence through keyword research
  • Competition monitoring. Analyze competition, learn their strategy, and study their position map
  • ASO timeline and metadata. View your competitor’s metadata updates and A/B tests
  • Featured apps and stories. Keep track of when your apps or competitors were featured in the App store and monitor the impact
  • Downloads to reach the top. Find out the number of downloads to achieve top rankings
  • Market share seasonality. Identify seasonality across categories and countries

Pricing: Starter ($58/month), Pro ($166/month), Guru ($249/month), Power ($499/month). All plans are billed annually.

Register to AppTweak to start a 7-day free trial.

3. App Annie

App Annie

App Annie is a leading global provider of apps, app store, and usage intelligence. The App Annie Platform gives you access to complete market data, deep data foundation, data experience, data science and lets you share the correct data with the right people to identify growth opportunities.

App Annie collects data foundation from all major app stores, ad stores, and more. It applies data science, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), to the data and provides actionable insights, such as market insights, advertising analytics, and app insights.


  • Get insights into the entire app lifecycle and spot opportunities
  • Get alerts about changes to apps or markets
  • Access App Annie data via mobile app or web
  • Create custom app groups to help you sort roles, industry, and business challenges
  • Create teams to enhance collaboration and alignment
  • Integrate with Snowflake Data Share or Salesforce Connector

Pricing: Contact Sales.

Sign up for a free trial for App Annie Intelligence and Connect.

4. Asodesk


Asodesk is an all-in-one ASO platform for keyword research and analysis. It provides everything you need, including data and tools for working with App Store Optimization, app marketing, reviews, and mobile product management.

Asodesk is based on six basic modules: Statistics, Monitoring, Reviews, Competitors, Organic Report, and the App Profile. 

  • The Statistics module will show you approximate data of every search phrase or key request.
  • The Monitoring module helps you keep track of the keyword rankings of your competition.
  • The Reviews module helps you monitor all your reviews and replies.
  • The Competitors module monitors all your competitor's moves and information.
  • The Organic report module shows you a comprehensive report with a list of keywords, conversion, organic history, installs distribution, and more.
  • The App profile lets you see what your app looks like in the app store. From here, you can analyze the profiles of your competitors.

Pricing: Asodesk plans are Startup ASO (from $41.6/month), Pro ASO (from $84.1/month), and Business ASO (from $169.1/month). All plans are billed annually.

Start with Asodesk free tools or register to get a free trial.

5. Checkaso


Checkaso is an ASO tool for improving the organic app installs obtained through the Apple App Store and Google Play’s built-in search. It rates your ASO performance and provides tips on how to improve it. The Checkaso platform comes with a robust algorithm that offers different solutions, including keyword tracking, text optimization, competitor analysis, app performance, rankings, in-app purchases, and semantic core research.

Checkaso also provides consulting services to help you improve the visibility, conversion, and ranking of your mobile app or game in the app stores through experts' help.


  • Keep track of your keywords and monitor your app’s rankings
  • Use the text editor to optimize your text and add as many keywords on your app page as recommended
  • Keep track of up to 20 competitors and gain intelligence
  • Improve your app with wanted features and bug fixes from ratings and reviews
  • Get ASO automated recommendation tips to improve your strategy, keywords, and competition research

Pricing: Startup ($21/month), Growing Business ($53/month), Publisher & Agency ($108/month), and Enterprise (on request).

Register to CheckASO and start your free trial.

6. Adjust


Adjust is a robust mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform that lets you track all your campaigns from a single place. It provides unlimited access to raw data, advanced analytics, powerful insights, and mobile app attribution so that you can make sense of an entire user’s journey. 

Aside from ASO capabilities, the Adjust platform also provides automation and protection. It comes with automation features, including Control Center that optimizes campaigns at scale and Audience Builder that creates dynamic audience segments. Adjust also provides two protection features, Fraud Prevention Suite, to block fraud in real-time, and Unbotify to remove bots that affect the server’s performance.


  • Mobile attribution
  • Robust app analytics
  • Access to raw data
  • Identify, adjust and optimize with automation
  • Segment audiences with a few clicks
  • Automate campaign optimization workflows

Pricing: Adjust pricing plans are Basic, Business, and Custom. Contact them to get a price.

If you want to learn more about Adjust, request a demo.

7. Appfigures


AppFigures is an app store analytics and ASO platform. It lets you track everything about your mobile apps and games, from their performance to reviews and ratings. The software monitors downloads revenue and stores the performance of all your apps using Appfigures App Analytics. With analytics in one place, the Appfigures platform shows you trends so that you can make better and faster decisions.

The Appfigures platform also comes with robust tools specially designed for ASO. With it, you can keep track of keyword rankings and spot new ranking opportunities. The Appfigures platform also allows you to study your competition using the Appfigures App Intelligence. With the App Intelligence module, you can study and outrank your competition by analyzing their download trends, revenue, organic keywords, installed SDKs, and more.

Other features

  • Read and reply to app reviews
  • Rank monitoring
  • App market intelligence
  • Sales prospecting

Pricing. Connect ($9.99/month), Monitor ($35.99/month), Optimize ($119.99/month), Grow ($299.99/month), and Explore ($2,999.99/month). All plans are yearly.

Sign up for their (limited to up to five apps) free plan.

8. Mighty Signal

Mighty Signal

Mighty Signal provides real-time mobile app and Software Development Kit (SDK) intelligence for millions of iOS and Android apps. It gives you access to its massive database of relationships between more than five million mobile apps (app store chart rankings, ad intelligence, app permissions, usage, and infographics) and SDKs.

The Mighty Signal platform is built on a proprietary technology designed to analyze millions of mobile apps per day. It provides iOS and Android marketers a vital view of ASO and mobile SDK data points. The software is used by high-profile companies, including Cloudflare, American Express, Google, Verizon, Cisco, Adobe, and more.


  • Access millions of published contacts (with email address information)
  • Review the technology stacks of millions of mobile apps and gain insights
  • Gain competitive intelligence by learning which mobile apps installed your competitor's SDK
  • Access to explore, filter, and track data over their web interface Portal
  • An API to access programmatic data

Pricing: Get a quote or request a demo.

9. Gummicube


Gummicube is a leading provider in Big Data Analytics for App Stores. They develop DATACUBE®, a SaaS platform that provides access to real-time mobile market intelligence, trends, and competitive insights to help marketers and developers grow their audience.

The DATACUBE software is used for App Store Optimization, App Store Intelligence, mobile app marketing, and market analysis for the iOS and Android apps. It is available as a self-service SaaS with an option to extend to Enterprise, which includes account management with access to Gummicube expert support. Users can also pair the platform with other ASO tools such as Splitcube technology, Paid Search, and App Attribution.


  • Optimize for search and increase organic impressions
  • Optimize your text, images, icons, and more for better conversion
  • Perform A/B multivariate, split, and funnel tests
  • Use app focus groups and surveys
  • Optimize paid Apple Search Ads and Google Ads

Contact the Gummicube team to get a quote or request a demo.

10. App Radar

App Radar

App Radar is an ASO and ASA (App Store Advertising) tool and services provider. With it, you can analyze how your app is being discovered, find relevant keywords and optimize your keyword strategy using Artificial Intelligence (AI). You can either keep track of your existing ranking keywords or compare them with your competition’s keyword strategy. App Radar recently acquired another leading ASO platform for iOS and Android apps, known as TheTool.

With App Radar, you can also respond to reviews and monitor your app’s ratings. You can discover new bugs or gain valuable feedback or ideas, such as feature requests directly from users. You can also respond to all user reviews effectively, using ready-reply templates.


  • GDPR-compliant, end-to-end encryption, and secure transmission
  • Get access to App Radar expertise
  • Improve your ad strategy with ads intelligence
  • Reply to reviews and track ratings

Pricing: App Radar comes in four different plans: Free, Starter ($33/month), Advanced ($58/month), and Expert ($108/month). All plans are billed annually.

Create an App Radar account to analyze app store rankings for free, or register to get a free trial.

11. SensorTower


SensorTower is a leading provider of market intelligence for apps. Its platform provides mobile app marketing intelligence (including app store, ads, usage, and app intelligence) plus ASO capabilities. With SensorTower, marketers or developers can leverage the data and discover trends, fastest-growing apps or simply study their competition.

SensorTower helps you increase traffic and downloads by discovering new keywords that attract the right visitors. You can also keep track of specific keywords to ensure you maintain a high rank and identify new market opportunities. In addition, with SensorTower, you’ll also get a real-time leaderboard of the best mobile ads each week, so you can study their success.


  • Consumer Intelligence: Identify user behavior and trends
  • App Teardown: Get SDK data
  • Usage Intelligence: Use the most relevant metrics
  • ASO platform: Drive organic growth
  • Store intelligence: Make the right decisions
  • Ad intelligence: Optimize your ads

Pricing: The Sensor Tower pricing plans are different per platform.

Sign up for free or request a demo of any plan.

12. SplitMetrics


SplitMetrics provides two leading mobile marketing solutions, SearchAdsHQ and SplitMetrics. With SearchAdsHQ, you can manage and optimize Apple Search Ads, and with SplitMetrics, you can perform A/B tests to experiment with your app and game ideas at pre-launch.

SplitMetrics provides advanced customer support with account audits, reports, onboarding, and training.

SearchAdsHQ Features

  • Get a view of the user’s path and optimize for target KPIs with full-funnel optimization
  • Automate rules and smart alerts. Set up conditions that trigger real-time actions
  • Gain keyword volume insights and monitor trends

SplitMetrics Features

  • Run A/B tests on all your store listings
  • Validate icons, screenshots, descriptions, and anything on the app and search page
  • Get insights on user behavior with scroll heatmaps, time on page, behavioral segments, and more
  • Keep track of your app conversion in the search results and test against your competitors

Pricing. Not listed on the site. Contact them to request a quote. If you want to learn more about SplitMetrics, request a demo.

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