Spiceworks Alternatives for Network Monitoring, Inventory & Management

spiceworks alternatives

Marc Wilson

Spiceworks is a great free tool for Network & Computer Inventory management and help desk tasks for your IT department and infrastructure. But with the free price tag comes a few downsides and lack of features – so we've decided to compile a list of the Best Spiceworks Alternatives for network scanning, auto-discovery, management and monitoring.

Some features we're looking for when exploring replacements to Spiceworks are as follows:

  • Auto-Discovery of Network Components
  • Network Topology Mapping
  • Network Bandwidth Analysis of Critical Network components
  • Hardware and Software Licensing Inventory
  • Downtime Monitors and Alerts
  • Network and Hardware Reporting

Here's the Top Spiceworks Alternatives of 2019:

1. Solarwinds NPM


Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor is a Fully featured Infrastructure Monitoring and management solution that has many of the features Spiceworks has plus many more. As of recently, NPM has come out with a Network Insights for Cisco ASA to further expand their capabilities and monitor, analyze and map information from Cisco ASA devices.

NPM version 12 Screenshots and New Interface Review

Some of the top features of NPM include:

  • Automatic Network Topology Scanning and Mapping
  • Inventory management (Servers, Network Devices, Desktops and more)
  • Netflow, jFlow, sFlow, IPFIX support
  • Integrate easily into their Help Desk Management Software
  • Pre-Built Alerts and Notifications
  • Hardware Health Monitoring and Notifications
  • VMWare & Hyper-V monitoring capabilities
  • and Much more..!

As you can see, the list goes on and on about the features and capabilities of Solarwinds NPM. They are continually evolving their offering for Network Management and monitoring as well as their help desk features. If your looking to further integrate your Help desk and Support team, they also offer Dameware as a great tool for remote configuration and tech support and troubleshooting.

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PRTG offers many of the same options as Solarwinds NPM does in terms of options and availability. If your looking for software that is flexible and has a ton of features, than PRTG is one you should consider. The flagship product, “Network Network” has features such as Network Maps that you can customize on your own, detailed Reporting and alerting features with 10 built-in types of technologies to alert you including SMS, Triggering EXE files and push notifications to your phone to name a few.

prtg maps

The User interface is very interactive and easy to use, very much like Spiceworks is, as well as extensive support for multiple languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

They offer 100 Free Sensors to use in your network to get you started!

Official Site:


3. WhatsUp Gold


Whatsup Gold from IpSwitch provides very much of the same fuctionality that Spicworks does as well plus much more. They have integrated Network Discovery and Mapping tools into their product, like Solarwinds and PRTG, as well as many of the same features that these other companies have as well. As with the other software providers we've listed above, WhatsUp Gold also has extensive monitoring capabilities that includes:

  • Application performance
  • Configuration Management
  • Network Analysis/Bandwidth Monitoring
  • VM Monitoring
  • and much more!

A full list of WhatsUp Golds' features and capabilities can be found on their website below. They provide a 30 day free trial to test the software in your environment and

Official Site:

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4. ManageEngine OpManager


OpManager and their ServiceDesk Plus solution is another great alternative to Spiceworks, as you not only have the flexbility of monitoring devices and computers on your network, but like Solarwinds NPM, they offer a Tech Support/Help Desk software solution as well.

OpManager is competitively priced and has quite a few bells and whistles right out of the box. Ranging from IP Address Management to Fault Management, they have a full array of options to keep your network and servers in check. On the other hand, if your looking for a IT Help Desk or Support software, than they have their ServiceDesk Plus package which can be either On-premises or hosted in their Cloud. This provides not only help desk features and tracking, but also Software assest management, Purchase/Contract management and Hardware discovery.

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Any and All of these solutions above will be a suitable Alternative to Spiceworks – all of them have Free Trials and can be installed, configured and run in your network for several weeks for you to get a better understanding and feel of what they are capable of.

On top of Inventory Discovery and management, all of these provide Network analysis and monitoring features that really have additional benefits over Spiceworks if your looking for a more well-rounded solution.